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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Rumors 2011: Bumgarner a Winner

June 16th, 2011
The Realistic Giants Fan

Channeling an Old pre-Fleming Voice; Giants Handling Arizona for Now

As Joe Angel would say, "Madison Bumgarner has put one in the win column." I don't know how to write that to match how it sounds when he says it, but I'm sure most of you know what I am talking about. Bumgarner finally was given some support after his 10th straight quality start. He is 2-5 in that span. He gave up 2 over 6 innings, only walked 1 and struck out 6. It wasn't that easy. Those 6 innings required over 100 pitches and he faced trouble in 3 of them. Bumgarner also gave up a solo shot to Chris Young to open the 4th. So, not perfect, but plenty. The bullpen then came in and did their thing. Romo did his best to give up a run, but Aaron Rowand got a lucky bounce and Miguel Tejada - despite all his faults - has a rocket.

The Diamondbacks have dropped the ball. They were starting to feel pretty good about themselves. They were getting ready to make some noise and had the reigning kings coming into their yard. After 2 losses, they are looking rather ordinary. They aren't even playing a rubber game. They are going into the 3rd game having already lost the series. So, they have been proved irrelevant, right? Not so fast. So far this year the Giants are 7-1 against Arizona and 32-28 against everyone else. The D-backs are 1-7 and 36-25 respectively. Sound like a familiar story? Last year the Giants were kept from running away with the division by the Padres and the Padres alone. Minus San Diego last year the Giants were 87-57. Never count anyone out is the lesson here. If the Giants closed the season in Arizona I would start to wonder. Luckily, it ends in Colorado.

Eli Whiteside let a ball get by after Kelly Johnson had struck out in the 3rd. Johnson was erased by Bumgarner, who picked him off when he was caught leaning. The calls for Whiteside's head have been fueled further. Get used to it. Whiteside is going to get the bulk of the time until at least mid-July. Again, Chris Stewart is not the answer. Whiteside will get used to the workload and improve. Plus, there is at least the threat of a triple off the center field wall. Stewart has been all but an automatic out. Not to read too far into small sample sizes, but Whiteside is 6 for his last 16.

Bill Hall got a couple of big hits yesterday and supposedly has discovered something in his swing that "(has) been missing for 3 years." Apparently, the credit is due to Hensley Muellens. Today Ian Kennedy is pitching for Arizona, a right hander. It will be interesting to see if Bochy stays with his match-ups and sends Manny Burriss out to 2nd. My guess is Hall gets another start after his offensive display. Tejada should be back to the bench in favor of Brandon Crawford, but you never know. Tejada had another classic 2011 night, going 0 for 4, including a double play in the 1st. Go ahead and point to him saving a run. Well, perhaps the Giants score another run in the top frame if he can get on base and take advantage of Rowand's rare hit.

There is a chance to sweep, but sweeping ANY team is a tough task. Personally, I am rooting hardest for Vogelsong. He needs a win tonight (and in most of his remaining starts until the break) to continue down a path hopefully leading to an All-Star appearance. What a story that would be. If he is 7-2 at the break, Bruce Bochy will take him. Wilson is already on the team. Who else? Freddy Sanchez was going. No more. Pablo would probably be on pace, but his hand injury derailed that. It probably derailed the 1st 30 homerun season for a Giant since 2004. So, who? Javier Lopez? Sergio Romo? I don't know how realistic it is, but wouldn't it be nice to see Aubrey Huff turn it on with 6 more homers and 15 RBI? How would he react to being asked to an event that, in a moment of frustration, he referred to as "retarded"? Rough choice of words, bud.

May the Vogelsong magic continue.

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