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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Rumors 2011: An Unfinished Masterpiece

June 13th, 2011
The Realistic Giants Fan

Sanchez Will Always Frustrate; Diamondbacks Have an Opportunity

I'm done waiting. Jonathan Sanchez is what he is. He is no longer a project, nor a young kid trying to balance stuff with control. He's a 28 year old unfinished product, who will perpetually stay in a state of development. Some days he is gonna dazzle and miss every bat. On others, he will make you wonder why you watch at all. Yesterday was particular maddening. The hitters couldn't see a thing and still he threw pitches in the dirt and a foot outside. His fastball in clear conditions routinely gets missed. Imagine if he had utilized those shadows.

One would assume that Manny Burriss is going to get the bulk of the playing time at 2nd Base in Freddy Sanchez' absence. He started yesterday against Edison Volquez, so seemingly he will be in a platoon with Bill Hall getting the starts against lefties. I would agree with this assumption and expect to see Burriss back in there when the Giants open against the Diamondbacks tomorrow in Arizona. Don't overblow this series, by the way. I don't see this in anyway as a showdown. This is a test for Arizona. This is their chance to tell the Giants - and really the entire league - that they are for real. If Arizona is a legit team they should take 2 out of these 3 games from the Giants. In the unlikely case that they do sweep the series, it's still not time to sound the alarm. Just heed Arizona's message that they are indeed here and need to be taken seriously. Not that the Giants don't already.

I can't shake my opinion on who I think is this divisions true competition for the Giants. Colorado seems to be struggling. I take that back. They are struggling. That doesn't mean they aren't a threat. They are just 3 games below .500 and Troy Tulowitzky and Carlos Gonzalez aren't going to be quiet forever. Gonzalez may actually be suffering some sort of contract hangover, but Tulowitzky is extremely streaky. He is capable of putting up 15 homers in a month as was eveidenced by last September. That will not be the last time he accomplishes that feat.

Pablo Sandoval will be back tomorrow. Excellent timing - and not just because the Giants offense needs him. Pablo hits well at Chase Field and what better way to come back than in a place where you're comfortable. You'd like to see him get in a good frame of mind right out of the gate and hopefully will be, in the least, a close facsimile of what he was before the injury. I bandied about the thought of Pablo going back behind the plate in the immediate wake after the Buster Posey injury, but the more I think about it, depite what they say, Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean will probably be reluctant to do so anytime soon. The guy just suffered a hand injury, and you want him to catch? Yes, it's on his throwing hand, but foul tips will hit the left. You want a hitter that you're counting on having 2 sore hands?

Let the early NL West mini-showdown begin.

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