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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Rumors 2011: Coincidences and Injuries

June 12th, 2011
The Realistic Giants Fan

Bumgarner a Cool Customer; Bill Hall Brings Memories Back With His Arrival

If Madison Bumgarner is in all reality okay with things and is paying more attention to the quality of his outing, seeing as that is what he controls, then he is a much better 21 year old than I was. I'd take every opportunity I could to talk some smack and utililize the media to do it. Luckily, he's no average barely legal drinker, so he bites his tongue. He's thinking it, though, right? After awhile it has to get to you when the offense is routinely absent during your starts - they struggle for your counterparts as well, but I mean non existent when you go out there. They seem to always get just enough for Vogelsong and had for 3 starts, until yesterday, uncharacteristically gotten Tim Lincecum off the hook.

It must help at least a little that everyone gets it. The baseball mind has gotten more savvy to statistics beyond wins and losses and anytime his record is brought up and emphasized, locally or nationally, it's to take a shot at the offense. You see the low ERA and all the innings pitched and you know that this kid has held up his end of the bargain. If you give him the ball he will give you at least 6 innings, a good chance at 7 and it will cost you no more than 3 runs. The fact that he is 2-8 is randomness at its most unkind. That's all it is, by the way. Sheer random coincidence. He just happens to be going up against pitchers that throw the right kind of junk that slices our lineup to pieces. They usually throw off speed and stay to corners. Or sometimes, they're just left handed.

Then there are games like Thursday night's. Johnny Cueto had it going and would have shut down anybody. Of course, his opponent had to be Madison Bumgarner. Curse you, random coincidence!

I have spent the last 2+ seasons whincing whenever Freddy Sanchez would dive for a ball. Far too often my whince has been justified. Initial reports are saying that Freddy may be out at least until late August and perhaps the rest of the season. It all depends on the extent of the ligament damage caused by the dislocation, if there was any at all. It can't be too surprising. Once you get prone to injuries, they seem to become unavoidable. With Freddy's backstory it's amazing he has accomplished what he has. He was a huge part of the World Series team, so no chance at considering him a bust. Sadly, he was headed for a near certain All-Star appearance. Still, come on, you felt it coming. Everyone around him is dropping like flies and he's gonna be the iron man?

I like the Bill Hall signing and here's why. I only played fantasy baseball for 2 years. 2006 and 2007. In 2006 I lost in the finals and had a blast. The next year I did terribly and declared fantasy baseball to be stupid. A huge part of that 2006 season was a late round pick I made at the utility position: Bill Hall. Hall hit 35 homers that year. Huge. That will, obviously, have no bearing on his play in 2011, but this is a no lose signing. Very cheap and Burrell-esque. If it doesn't work out then Burriss and Miggy it is, no big deal. If he clicks...genius. Oh and my 2nd Baseman on that 2006 (and 2007) fantasy team? One Freddy Sanchez from your Pittsburgh Pirates.

Lincecum is getting that lost look in his eye again. The one where he is trying SOOO desperately to look indifferent. Even between starts you will see him talk and laugh with his teammates and then go right back into his head. Go ahead, look at him the next time you see him this evening. It's an ESPN game, so they will show him plenty. My favorite euphemism that Duane Kuiper uses to describe a guy in a slump is, "he's not tasting food right now." Right now those double doubles could have motor oil on them instead of thousand island and he wouldn't know the difference.

Speaking of ESPN, I am not a fan of Jonathon Sanchez having to pitch on national television. He's already too mentally divided anyway. Not feeling too optimistic, to be completely realistic.

This is a division that could very well be won by default, so no need to panic. Just stay afloat and brace for Pablo.

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