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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Rumors 2011: Schierholtz Makes Bid for Bigger Role

June 2nd, 2011
The Realistic Giants Fan

Schierholtz and Crawford Play Big Roles in Big Win

A good win. No other way to put it. It went away from the formula and I don't recommend too many starts like that out of Tim Lincecum, but, the Giants are gonna have to pick him up sometime. I think we all know he has picked up the offense more than a couple times. You could say they owed him. You'd be right.

You can't help but root for a guy like Nate Schierholtz. He seems like a good kid. This is all conjecture, of course, as I have never met him personally. He always has a smile on his face when interviewed, with the exception of the one immediately following the Posey injury game. His teammates all seem to like him and genuinely enjoy when he does well. That's enough to convince me. The guy's confidence has to be building and you need a good dose of confidence to get the tying and game winning hits in the 9th with 2 outs and in extra innings, respectively. After I went 3 for 6 with 2 huge RBI, I would expect to be in the lineup the next day. Nate probably should too. Especially since the Cardinals are going to start Lindsey Lohan. I mean, come on, Lindsey Lohan? I assume she throws right handed. She...wait, what? Lance Lynn? Oh, I thought you said...anyway. Lance Lynn is making his major league debut and is right handed. Nate has shown through his entire professional baseball career that he can hit lefties, so it shouldn't really matter and it doesn't. Except to Bochy.

Brandon Crawford is starting to look real comfortable at this level. If he stays up this year and seizes the starting shortstop job, which we all are praying will happen, then it will be easy to compare him with the meteoric rise of Buster Posey. It reminds me of someone else. We all saw Posey coming. It was no secret that the Giants were holding onto a stud missile in the minor league system. If anything, that makes Posey more impressive. It's hard to surprise people when they know what's coming, but he pulled it off anyway. Crawford is more out of the Pablo Sandoval mold. Not physically, obviously, but in the way Pablo jumped from the lower minor leagues to Major League comfort. I don't wanna jinx Crawford, but I am good at pretending I don't believe in that stuff.

More praise for Crawford: He helped set up Nate's heroics. In the bottom of the 7th everything was threatening to go completely haywire. Lincecum had been knocked out and Santiago Casilla had just walked the 1st man he faced in 5 pitches. After running the count to 2-2 on Lance Berkman, he gave up a ground ball straight back up the middle that I was convinced was going through, but here comes Crawford, who stepped on 2nd with all the awareness in the world and made a good throw to easily get a much slowed down Berkman. Berkman used to play center. Those days are long over. If it does indeed go for a hit the Cardinals score 2 and the Giants most likely lose 7-4.

A quick shout to Cody Ross. Cody went 4 for 5 yesterday with a walk and an RBI. That deserves to be mentioned.

Pat Burrell went after a 3-0 pitch last night pinch hitting in the 8th. Mike Krukow went out of his way to immediately say that he had no problem with Burrell being aggressive in that scenario. Usually Krukow's knee jerk reactions like that come along with his immediate realization that he saw something incorrect that he felt the need to defend. Before Burrell gets torn to pieces. While I appreciate Mike's motherly instincts, Burrell was completely incorrect. First, if it's off the plate, you earn a walk. If he throws a strike, the 3-1 pitch will either be just as good or an obvious ball. 3-0 pitches are not usually fat, but rather "didn't have to be" strikes. (Meaning that the umpire, as most are wont to do, was calling anything in the area code a strike.) Of course, who am I...?

As mentioned, Lynn is in his big league debut. That means he will probably slice this lineup to pieces. Hopefully Jonathon Sanchez will counterbalance such an atrocity.

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