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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Rumors 2011: Where Were We?

June 1st, 2011
The Realistic Giants Fan

First and foremost, sorry about the long delay in posts. Technical Difficulties. Moving, no internet, etc.

So Much To Say

It's the inbalance that gets me the most. Get no offense, beautiful pitching. Get some offense, bullpen meltdown. Let's be honest. 3 runs isn't exactly an explosion. However, for this team, it should be enough. It's a funny little strategy that works so often. The Giants will limit your team to a run and oh so annoyingly score 2. It does have room to fail. The opposing club will never be comlpetely out of the game, setting up painful stomach punchers like yesterday's loss to the Cardinals. The law of averages says things must swing at some point. That's why Romo blows it after 2 perfect innings from Affeldt. If I wasn't a fan of the team they would probably be a fun team to watch. It isn't fun for me. Or you. It's, well...you know.

I, myself, am remaining cool. Praying for little improvements, searching for stats to prove something to myself pointing towards the team being alright. Here's one: After a 13-13 April, the Giants went 16-12 in May. See, a little improvement. Quite amazing when you have an offense that would get shut down by a college pitcher if he had an above average breaking ball. Maybe even High School. Now it's June and for some reason ball players put a lot of stock in the month changing. Pretty silly I've always thought, but, if you believe in something it becomes true for you. So, psychologically, it does make a difference. Will this year come with a June swoon, or a boon? I've always thought it silly when people would bring up what had happened the year before as if it has any bearing on what will happen this year. Just in case you're interested, they won 13 and lost 14. Remember, that means nothing.

Yesterday completed 1/3 of the season. The also meaningless projections are not looking good. Huff 12 Homers and 69 RBI. Tejada, who will not be on the team by the end of the year, I guarantee, projects to 3 and 48. "Miggy" is done. As Metallica so eloquently said, "Sad, but true."

How about that Vogelsong, huh? He's pitching the Giants right into a hippie state of mind, where, you know man, they like, don't care about money man. Zito will not be kept on the DL while healthy, but in the least they are gonna really stretch out his rehab. It's a really tough question when you think about it. What do you do with a guy when you have no room for him in the rotation and all reports say he can't pitch out of the bullpen? Oh and don't forget, you're paying him the Gross National Product of Uzbekistan. The precedent has been set. If you aren't producing, you will sit. With a pitcher, it gets tricky. This guy is signed for 2 more years after this one! You can't just release him, right? Now that would be unprecedented. Russ Ortiz was sent away by Arizona. I'll have to look into what they still owed him after 86ing him from the club. Does anyone remember that Ortiz was a 20 game winner?

Buster Posey is leading in the All-Star balloting at the catching position. Call me weird, but I'm gonna vote for him with all 5000 of my votes. It would be a good story.

Oh, yeah. Buster Posey...It was a clean play. Well, a legal play. Cousins is a jerk, but as many have pointed out, he was the 25th man and doesn't know the code of ethics yet. 99% of the time players will only get into a collision when the catcher is turned to him and has a chance to at least brace a little. Posey pretty much got blinsided, which isn't cool. It is, however, legal. Think of the recent collisions that come fresh to my mind, anyway. Prince Fielder into Todd Greene? Fielder was young. Nate Schierholtz in the olympics...young. Now this one and Cousins has the same infection as the rest. It was above all else immature. Pete Rose and Ray Fosse? Rose was a real piece of work.

It's Timmy Win Day. Until tomorrow.

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