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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Rumors 2011: From Walker to Affeldt

June 7th, 2011
The Realistic Giants Fan

Painful Memories of Bullpens Past

Now Tim Lincecum owes the offense. For the 3rd start in a row, Lincecum has taken less than stellar stuff to the mound and been roughed up. For the 3rd start in a row, the offense has gotten him off the hook. These kind of runs are bound to happen. Anyone remember last August? It's different now, as the offense is helping the Giants survive this bump a little better than they did last season. It bodes well for when Tim inevitably works out the kinks and starts throwing like a 2 time Cy Young Award winner.

The Giants somewhere along the lines went from being a team that absolutely could not go down and HAD to score first, to being completely reactive. It's almost like the hitters could care less about the game until they are down. Like they are trying to make outs. Then, in some sort of offended bravado, they answer back to whatever has been thrown against them. They do, however, take awhile. 13 innings sometimes. You can't help but wonder why they can't combine 5 runs with giving up 1 more often. You have to admit, it doesn't really matter, a win is a win. Maybe it does matter. Maybe it'd save us all a few gray hairs.

The bullpen was outstanding. We should be getting pretty used to that. I for one, will never take it for granted. Tyler Walker is holding workouts to see if any teams would be interested in the 35 year old reliever. Walker was at one point a large part of the Giants bullpen. In fact, he was on 2 different occasions. He was part of crews that included Steve Kline, Brad Hennessey, Vinny Chulk and yes, Armando Benitez. The next time any of us start to get mad because Jeremy Affeldt let's an inherited runner score, we should all reflect back on where they've been.

Aubrey Huff slid into home in the 8th inning despite the fact that he had a chance to blow up Ivan Rodriguez, who would've nailed Huff if he had handled the throw cleanly. Does Huff handle it that way a few weeks ago? Who knows? It is interesting to think about , though.

Ok, game 2. Sanchez on the hill. Here's hoping the Nationals leave town with 2 more losses and Pudge Rodriguez still on their roster.

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