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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Romors 2011: Bochy Says Vogelsong Is Going Nowhere

June 6th, 2011
The Realistic Giants Fan

The Dream Season Continues for Vogelsong

Ryan Vogelsong is on another planet folks. He's living in a virtual reality dreamworld designed for him by the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar from the Matrix. He is no longer a journeyman wanderer. No longer a man scrambling to get back after not being able to crack a big (non Japanese) league roster for 4 years. He's moved beyond being just a good story. He's a formidable presence and 2011's most consistent starter on the defending world champions (quite impressive on a team known mainly for its pitching).

Yesterday, the future of the rotation was made clear by none other than Bochy himself at the postgame press conference.

"Vogey's not goin' anywhere. He's gonna go out there every 5th day," he said, in his rumbling drawl. Gary Radnich likes to point out again and again that Bochy is boring and a bad interview. I disagree. I like listening to Bochy speak. It's relaxing and puts you into a trance. Kind of like the background music cds they sell at Target that let you sample how each sounds.

So they aren't going to automatically give the spot back to Zito and I didn't think they would. I do, however, feel that the rope given to Vogelsong will be shorter than we would expect him to be given. One would hope that Zito getting paid 21 times the final tab on the 6 Million Dollar Man doesn't affect the decision making, but, how could it not? There's a chance that all won't matter. Vogelsong seems to only be getting stronger. He pitched 8 innings in under 100 pitches (99), gave up four hits and was only in trouble once. Iannetta's homerun was with the bases empty and was on a 3-2 pitch. He went right after him, but confessed later that maybe he was indeed occupied with something else after he didn't get a borderline pitch called a strike. It was really his only mistake.

For awhile it was looking like we may get a repeat of his May 26th start where he also only gave up one earned run over 8 strong innings. The offense failed to score off of Anibal Sanchez.

The Giants scored 2 runs in the 6th after 2 were out. Doesn't it sometimes feel like they do that a lot? 12 of their last 33 runs have been scored after 2 outs. That's over a third. That seems like a lot, but maybe it's not. I can't find anywhere on the web where I can get that broken down team by team. I could probably get that kind of data from a site that charges a monthly fee, but, while close, I haven't gotten that geeky yet.

Tejada went 2 for 4. Enjoy him another day. He will be back in there tonight.

Crawford's bat has gone a little cold. He is 2 for his last 17. He has been hitting the ball hard, but it's only so long before it starts getting in his head. It would be wise to root for him to get a couple hits today, if he plays. Like you wouldn't be rooting for that anyway. You would hate to see him flame out after getting off to such a good start. He needs another dose of confidence. On Saturday he faltered a little on defense, but I believe those are the only blemishes. He instills much more confidence than anyone else who has filled the position this season. Or the last 3 seasons for that matter. On this pitching oriented team, he's in there for his glove. If he hits .240 it's worth it. Maybe even less.

This is no longer "Timmy Win Day". I mean, he will most likely pitch lights out and I have lost no confidence in him whatsoever. In the land of the Realistic Giants Fan, however, that phrase has been banned. Every time I write that down in this column he has a poor outing. I will be a man about it and admit that all those starts have been my fault. I apologize.

You think a manager makes no difference? How about Bud Black last year and Kirk Gibson this year? Not to mention Bochy in last year's playoffs. Talk about getting the most out of your roster. The Diamondbacks are sold a little short. There is a ton of talent on the roster. Stephen Drew, Justin Upton and Chris Young are all big telents. Their pitching is a bit - or a lot actually - suspect, but they do a have chance to stick around and be a thorn. I realize that the Padres, on the other hand, are struggling, but come on, they lost Adrian Gonzalez. Big time players make a difference too.

That's all for now.

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