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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Rumors 2011: Offense No Show Again for MadBum

June 5th, 2011
The Realistic Giants Fan

Bumgarner's Baseball Card Starting to Look Alarming to an Untrained Eye

Madison Bumgarner is young, but not dumb. He knew it couldn't last. After the Giants scored 7 runs behind him in his last start in St. Louis, they went right back to their barren ways, where 2 was just too much to yield. It's starting to look bad for the back of his baseball card, where the astute kids look at innings, ERA and figure out the WHIP, but most just see wins and losses.

It was a quiet, quick, game yesterday. An easy loss, if you will. I've seen the clamoring about not pitching to Troy Tulowitzky in the top of the 6th of Saturday's game. I think that's a case of just looking for something. Why would you give him a free pass there? He was hitting .250, it's June 4th and the Rockies are 4 games under .500. Pitch to him. He's a beast, but he's not Barry Bonds.

Tejada went 1 for 3 which probably bought him a spot in every lineup until Pablo returns. Heck, he probably had it secured anyway. If this is what I expect it is and the Giants are just trying to give him as much rope as possible with which to hang himself, then I am all for it. Play off into the sunset. Between the resurgence of Nate Schierholtz and the solid at-bats of Brandon Crawford, I've actually been pretty benign to Tejada's struggles.

Brandon Belt is going to the DL as the wrist is fractured. Add him to the list. Speaking of adding to the list...

Many people in comment boxes on many different sites have brought up the proposition of Zito getting moved to the 60 day DL to hide him or that some "mystery" ailments could keep him sidelined longer. Pipe dreams. As ludicrous as the loch ness monster. When Zito is healthy, he will be a force that needs to be dealt with. He won't just sit on the DL when he knows he can pitch and the Giants front office could get into serious trouble if they tried such a stunt. I assume these are the people who propose the cat turd for a gold brick trade propositions. Here's what is becoming increasingly obvious. Zito will come back, someone from the bullpen will go - my guess is Mota will be designated for assignment, but that's JUST a guess - and he will be given EVERY opportunity to win his spot in the rotation back, because they aren't going to release him and he can't relieve. Vogelsong can. Sickening, but mostly likely the case.

Vogelsong will try to continue his magic ride today against Jason Hammel and the Rockies in the rubber game. This isn't a must win, but it would be a nice win. To truly take advantage of this lengthy return home after all the time the Giants have spent on the road this year they should probably, in the least, win every series. Any way they get to 7-3 is alright, actually. A loss today does not end the world and Vogelsong is gonna struggle in a start eventually, so my gut feeling, I must admit, is not good. The good thing is, they have to play the game, if they can play the game. Anyone check the weather report?

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