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SF GIANTS TRADE RUMORS / TRADE RUMORS 2011: Injury Bug Continues to Spread

The Realistic Giants Fan: The Panda Goes Down.

I hate when people use the term adversity to describe something athletes face, but, I can't think of a term that more aptly describes what the Giants are facing with the rash of injuries they have had to deal with. Add another name to that list: Pablo Sandoval, who has broken the hamate bone in his right hand. Initial reports say that, even when he does come back, his swing will be affected for the rest of the year. I still don't really want to say adversity. How about roadblock?

It's funny, but, if this team were to rattle off a bunch of wins in the next month or so with him out I would not be totally surprised. If I have learned anything about this team in the past 2 years it's that when you expect them to lose they win. On the flipside, when everything seems to be in their corner, they lose. It will be intersting to see how Bochy handles this situation. He showed a knack for shrewd maneuvers during the October run last year.

Tough loss yesterday, but, Timmy had changed his gameplan by really attacking the zone. This was an obvious reaction to walking 6 against the Braves. The Braves were up there with the thought of take 1st, swing later, on their minds. They knew what was coming after the embarrassment they had last year in NLDS game 1. That's the team where attacking the strike zone would work. Not every team is that hip to his game, so he should have continued down his normal path.

If they can wriggle out of this, then they are a helluva team.

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