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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Rumors 2011: Giants Win 4th Series in a Row.

The Realistic Giants Fan:
Sweep in Colorado a Tough Task

Well, it was bound to happen. You can't expect to go into Colorado, shut down their offense twice and leave town unscathed. If the Giants had been able to sweep them it would have been fantastic. It would have been more than fantastic. It would have been...I don't know, whatever the next level after fantastic is. At this early point in the season, winning the series is sufficient enough.

So it did end up being Brandon Belt who got sent down to clear the roster spot for Ross. It is going to be okay. Don't worry about his psyche. Don't panic that he is a bust. This kid will be a good player in the future -we are all sure of that. He needs more time in the minors. It cannot be just swept under the rug that Belt struggled in his small taste of Triple-A. With Ross on the shelf, the Giants brass decided that the best team they could put out on the field involved Belt. The worst part of that move hasn't been Belt's lack of production, but rather the fact that it forced Aubrey Huff into the outfield. Right now it appears that last year is going to be Huff's last season spent in the outfield. In fact, I think the Giants are gonna have Brandon Belt work on playing the outfield in Fresno. That way, being as it would take a combination of Belt tearing up the PCL and Burrell struggling, he could come up and play left field. Actually, there is a slight chance we could still see Huff get some more outfield time. If Belt is kept at first, then you can run Huff out to left. It seems like, for some reason, that you can trust Huff more in Left. Heck, Burrell holds his own.

Ross had a ho hum start to his year, going 0 for 4. He also had no balls hit his way in the air. He didn't have to make any big throws. Bochy batted him 5th, so he is considered a major part of this offense. He will be good for 15-20 homers and the Marlins announcers told Kruk and Kuip that when he gets hot he can carry you. We saw that in last year's playoffs. He is also prone to deep slumps. Look for him to float between the 4th and 7th spots in the order.

The Giants are back at home starting tomorrow. 22 of the Giants first 31 games are on the road. If the Giants finish that stretch at 17-14 then they are on the right pace. That would be 11-11 on the road and 6-3 at home. Anything better is a nice accomplishment, anything worse is a disappointment.

Ryan Vogelsong will not be starting Friday. Instead the Giants will utilize the off day to skip the spot in the rotation. So, Madison Bumgarner will open against Tommy Hanson. Fear Tommy Hanson. There are a number of guys from the line-up that have multiple at-bats against him with no hits. The Braves have some of the better pitching in the league and it is a little underrated, although they were an insider pick to knock off the Phillies. They haven't exactly gotten off to the best of starts. It's early, plenty of time for things to change. I would imagine they will. Hopefully they will wait a weekend to get it going. More importantly I hope Pablo is able to play. Did you guys see Bochy's face when he realized Pablo was hurt? That says all you need to know about him being all the way back. If Bochy hadn't had his confidence completely restored then his change in facial expression would have been much less dramatic.

How about the Dodger situation? I barely know what to say about the whole thing. It's bad. Good job, McCourts. Way to overextend yourselves. Then, with them barely being able to afford the team together, they divorce after 29 years. They totally couldn't afford it on their own. If they cared at all about their fans and organization they would have sold the team and then divorced. These people are scum. Double shame on Major League Baseball for approving these two clowns as owners. If they didn't do that then they wouldn't have to step in now. When Bud Selig takes something over it's a bad sign.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com. Listen to my radio show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/realisticgiantsfan. We talk mostly Giants during the season.)


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