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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Rumors 2011: After Ceremonies Galore, Season Starts Today

Not the Envisioned Start
The season has began and so far the product has been decidedly mediocre. In fact, maybe it has been a little worse than that. 4-6 is not exactly how I figured they would start. I wasn't expecting 10-0, but at least a winning record at this point. Still, it must be remembered that they are fine and a good season is still up ahead. I think the most important thing that can be learned by last year is that each individual game cannot be scrutinized. In losses things can still be accomplished. Guys from the bullpen can save the day by eating up innings so others can remain rested. Guys can have good at-bats that get them back into a better groove. Timmy looks to be back to Cy Young form. Today he will be taking on Chad Billingsley in the 2nd of this 3 game series with the Dodgers. He may have a chance at a win this time against Los Angeles, after Kershaw was moved up in the rotation when Don Mattingly utilized an off-day. Clayton Kershaw, huh? More like Sandy Koufax. Against the Giants, at least. No runs allowed in over 22 innings. Ridiculous. He just may be the best left-hander in the league, with all due respect to Cole Hamels and Jaime Garcia. He may be young, but, he is already in his 4th season. On the flip side, he is 23 and only in his 4th season. He will become scary good over the upcoming years. I was very happy to wake up this morning and not read about some sort of retaliatory beating of an LA Dodgers' fan. We must show them down south that we are classy and grown-up. The best way is to be welcoming of the Dodgers' fans. Give 'em hell and rag their team, of course, but, keep it civil. The rivalry is supposed to be an emotional roller coaster and most importantly, fun. It must be said, though, that these punks in LA are not fans of baseball. They are fans of mixing alcohol with violence. Let's hope for these next couple weeks the boys can hang in there. Keep afloat until all the injuries subside and pray that in the mean time no other team runs away and hides. Colorado is looking pretty strong in the small sample so far this year. They do have a weak schedule on their side, but, winning is winning. In the least it will give them momentum into May when their schedule gets tougher. Handing them 3 losses when the Giants go to visit them next week would be a huge help. Probably won't happen. One game at a time. (feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com. Or listen to my daily radio show - Monday though Friday - at 12:30 PM. Except one day a week when it is in the evening. Giants Baseball is the main subject matter. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/realisticgiantsfan)


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