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SF GIANTS RUMORS / TRADE RUMORS 2011: Win Tomorrow and All is Forgiven

The Realistic Giants Fan: Welcome Back Torture...Oh Yeah, You Never Left

Lest ye forget, this team can be frustrating at times. It is often said that line drives are contagious, well, so are weak grounders and pop-ups apparently. There have been some at 'em balls, but, don't overblow those. The offense is in a funk, no bones about it. Still, we must take a step back and realize that this is a team who got off to a 1-4 start, have lost five of the last six, yet they could still win tomorrow and be at .500, as well as win the series. It's early. It can also be tempting to think that Colorado is running away with the division. Last year we all thought the same thing about San Diego. You may think, "well, yeah, but that's the Padres." I don't care. Whether it is the overachieving Padres or the potent Rockies, everyone descends eventually. It is only once in a great while that a team sails through a 105 win season. On the flipside, they are indeed not the overachieving Padres. Falling 10 back of them and being 41-40 at the true mid-point will not cut it this year. In short, don't worry...just yet.

Due to a large dose of frustration, that will produce nothing productive, I am leaving this section about Tejada Blank.

Bumgarner looked fine tonight and that can be taken as the positive from this game. He does get handed another loss, but momentum can be gained. Believe it or not, this was the first time this season that the Giants were shut out. It doesn't feel like it, huh? Also, don't give McDonald too much credit, what with walking four over 6+, but he did pitch alright. As I said on the radio show, when you have two pitchers coming in who are struggling badly, expect a low scoring game. As Brian Wilson would say, you're welcome.

Tomorrow the Giants will try to take this series with a quick turnaround that will probably feature the B-List lineup. Big deal, what's the A-List line-up doing? Sometimes a quick turnaround is just what you need. That way you can't dwell on the whole thing too much. Let's hope that, combined with some different parts, is enough to take the game tomorrow.

It's apparent that everything we had feared would happen to Freddy Sanchez, as far as being a non-entity due to injury, is actually becoming the fate of Mark DeRosa. You have to feel for the guy a bit. He seems like a good guy and you know he is absolutely grinding. It's funny, but he hasn't come under the same fire as others who are making big money, although, he is paid considerably less than, say, Zito. Still, it's a good chunk of money on the shelf. His supposed mentor-like influence on last year's team aside. Why has he gotten a pass of sorts? I have 2 theories.

1) When you play and stink you are more visible. When you are injured you get forgotten.
2) Zito comes off as aloof and Rowand a bit of an arrogant jock-type. I'm not saying either of those assumptions are facts, I'm talking purely about perception and impressions.

Two quick side things:

- I am quite impressed with Barry Bonds going out of his way to visit with Brian Stow and his family. He apparently didn't make a quick breeze through, either. Rather, it was reported, he spent an hour in the room and left some memorablilia for his kids. Good stuff from a guy I am none too fond of.

- Roger McDowell...you big jerk. First off, knowing how clubhouses go and McDowell's sketchy mid-80s New York Mets past, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he was a little altered when he said what he did and added his inappropriate simulation. Sorry if that is a tad slanderous, but as a person with a lesbian sister this is a bit personal for me. Also, homosexual slurs are awful in ANY circumstance, but, Rog, seriously, you picked San Francisco to air that crap out? The sad thing is, that's probably WHY he went there in his comments. Fire him. Alright, maybe that's drastic, but it does show you that we are much further away from a gay male athlete coming out mid-career than some progressive minds would like to think.

Ok, boys. Don't forget you're playing the Pirates, a team that I would bet a ton isn't gonna be above .500 at the end of this year, either. You're the defending world champs...handle your business. Oh, and since I've been waiting for it, GO VOGELSONG!

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com. you can also listen to my radio show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/realisticgiantsfan. It is downloadable and archived. Like this page on Facebook! The icon is at the top.)


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