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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Rumors 2011: If Walks Could Kill (Starring Richard Grieco)

THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: Ugly Weekend Built on Free Passes

That was tough. The Braves came into town with a plan and they executed it to perfection. Last year in the NLDS the Braves were chasing. They looked out of sorts and could not lay off the specialty pitches that have a way of leaving the strike zone. This time the Braves came in and showed the Giants a lot of patience. The Giants never reacted. Here's how you stop someone from taking ball after ball: throw strikes. The Giants never adjusted. Not in 3 games. 16 walks later, the Braves left town with their first sweep of the Giants at AT&T...ever. The first time in San Francisco since 1998 and the first time ANYWHERE since 2001. The only player still around from that time? Chipper Jones.

In order to win a World Series you need to catch all the breaks, (Posey called safe, homers hitting the tops of walls, Ryan Howard struggling...Brooks Conrad) but maybe the biggest break of all was the absence of one Larry "Chipper" Jones. Here this guy is, injured, contemplating retirement, but instead he hung on for another year and goes 2 for 3 against the Giants, with 2 RBI, on his 39th birthday. They were his 14th and 15th RBI already. Don't retire Larr...you apparently have a lot left in the tank. I'm not much for praising opponents, but you should really appreciate Jones before he's gone.

Couple of things before we move off the Braves series:

-The bullpen meltdown, though ill-timed, was the first true tough outing for everyone who came out from the pen in the same game. Before that Affeldt hadn't given up a run in 6 outings. Romo hadn't given up a run in any appearance this year. Every once in a while these guys are gonna have tough outings. If they all happen at once...look out.

-That homerun by Jason Heyward was a monster. Any ball hit to that part of the yard I assume isn't going to get out. Well, unless a guy name Bonds hit it. That kid has some SERIOUS power. Sophomore jinx? I don't think so. This guy is headed for a sophomore improvement. (As is Posey.)

Mike and Mike - the 2 idiots that make me appreciate KNBR most (with all due lack of respect to that blowhard Colin Cowherd) - tore into Tim Lincecum for saying that the upcoming playoff expansion is just about money. They glossed over that and decided to focus on the poor choice of words from a 26 year old. Look, there are 2 reasons and 2 reasons only for this expansion:

1) Make more money.
2) Get the Yankees and Red Sox both into the playoffs more often.

But perhaps I shouldn't expect anything less out of the 2 largest fools from a network full of them.

Finally, has anyone noticed where Belt was playing in his 2 Fresno games? Left field, partners. Thankfully, it seems that Aubrey Huff's days in the outfield are, as I predicted, over. Speaking briefly on Huff...he has a bad habit of having one good year and then a poor year. He hasn't backed up a solid season with another since 2004. Perhaps that was because he was frustrated with losing on those other clubs. Something to watch.

(Feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com. You can also listen to my radio show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/realisticgiantsfan)


  1. Tim will have it back. It isn't like him to have nerves like that.

  2. Really, I felt the worst for Brian going out with the bases loaded and no outs and being one strike away from finishing it with out damage. So tough, and did it to the 98% mark.