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Here come the Braves. It seems to be giving a lot of people goosebumps, as they recall the Giants momentous victory in the first round. I think many would agree that the toughest of the 3 series was the one that they played against Atlanta. The Giants did win 3 games to 1, but, it had plenty of moments where you thought the Giants were gonna lose the series. I didn't feel like the NLCS or World Series were ever out of reach. The Braves scared me. The Braves scared a lot of us.

Keep your Brooks Conrad feelings to yourself.

Here comes Bumgarner. The Giants have moved everyone up a day - on normal rest - and that means no Ryan Vogelsong until next week. Don't forget, but it was Bumgarner who pitched the deciding game 4. How might that have gone if Zito had made the postseason roster? Maybe they don't win that game. They still would have had a good chance in Game 5, what with Lincecum going. Still, I liked that they got it over. The less stress anything from last season could incur, the better. I had a feeling they would take game 4. It just felt magical last year and it was confirmed when in Game 3 they were just sucker punched by Eric Hinske and then knocked back with a right cross of their own. It didn't knock them down, but it made them wobbly in the knees. Sanchez, Ishikawa and Posey. The people who made that victory possible.

Keep your Brooks Conrad feelings to yourself.

The Braves are struggling out of the gate, but it seems like they have given us their absolute best in every game since 1992. Yes, different rosters, but traditions of teams continue for a while. Look how long the Giants were long ball hitters. This pitching oriented team is an entirely new direction for this organization. It's the reason they won. Still, the Giants should take this series. It's at home and the Braves are struggling. Handle your business guys.

Perhaps the Giants are more pitching oriented these days, but they still hit bombs. Did you know the "light hitting Giants" are in the top 5 of homers in the league? How about 2nd in the NL? It's true. Outhouse or castle I believe is the right description. Who needs to manufacture runs? Last year the Giants were talking about just pushing the runs across. They score 4, they win. Well, how about scoring 6? They would totally win. If they get any type of big offense going, look out. Let's just get the whole line-up out there. Not that Rowand is doing a poor job. In fact he is filling in fine. Please, Pablo, be okay.

Enjoy tonight's game and the weekend to boot. For those of you from a Christian background, Happy Easter. Otherwise just have a couple of fine days.

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