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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Rumors 2011: Giants Could Take a Cue From Pablo

The Realistic Giants Fan: Giants Could Lose Some Weight. (About $24 MM)

The boys are 14-5 so far this Spring. What does that mean? Next to nothing, but, it is always better to be winning. If the Giants were struggling down in Arizona I think we would all be hitting the panic button. It breeds a feeling, I'm sure, of confidence. Also, these wins are mostly coming with offense from the first five or six innings, which means it is the major leaguers that are winning these games. Always a good sign.

Pablo Sandoval is "fleet of feet", as John Shea wrote. He really does look so good. I don't want to sound too sappy, but I am proud of him. I personally fluctuate in weight, though. I have lost a lot and then put it back on, then lost some again, then put it back. It is one thing to get skinny, it's a whole other thing keeping it off. Here's where things go haywire: You get thinner, so you decide you're gonna reward yourself with (place your favorite fried or cheese covered food here). Then you realize how good it tastes and since you are healthier it doesn't drag you down like it used to. So, you ate this calorie monster and you feel alright. Before you know it, it's "Welcome Back Fatty". Apparently Pablo was involved in a collision yesterday with one Chris Dickerson. The one funny thing about it was Randy Wolf's comment: "Thank God that Sandoval lost 30 pounds. Otherwise that would have been a decapitation." Sandoval is still a force, however, as Weaver had to leave the game with bruised ribs and Sandoval stayed in and hit a homer the next inning.

Pablo is having a fine spring: Avg .326 HR 3 RBI 9 OPS. .999.

Barry Zito struggled against minor leaguers and yet he was still positive. He said his curveball was working better. I wished I shared his enthusiasm and positive demeanor. Jeff Suppan, in other pitching news, struggled when brought in to relieve Matt Cain (who looked real good, all reports claim). It may hurt his chances, but I still believe he will begin the year as the long reliever. Mota can't pitch more than 2 innings. Runzler is a lefty, which - I can't explain why - works against him in trying for the long relief role. Ryan Vogelsong was only brought in as an emergency, emergency insurance policy.

I said that Aaron Rowand was exclusively a center fielder. He says otherwise and the Giants ran him out to left on Sunday. I remain unconvinced. In fact, Rowand didn't exactly rave about the idea. He gave the old standby answer, "I'll play where they tell me to play...He (Bochy) is the man with the pen." Translation: "I hate this crap, but, I'm not going to air it publicly." Rowand is probably being displayed to anybody and everybody who may have interest in picking him up. If he does get traded it probably won't be to start, but with him out of the way we can include Nate Schierholtz on the 25 man roster.

Nate is also having a fine spring: Avg. .323 HR 1 RBI 5 OPS. .912

Just start the damn season already!

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