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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Rumors 2011: Did Burrell Just Go Oppo?

The Realistic Giants Fan: Nice to See the Team Again

A day late in writing, but I wanted to see the team in action. Everything looked positive yesterday. Pat Burrell hit the first opposite field homerun I've ever seen him hit and that includes his time in Philadelphia. It was a good sign for Burrell who had been struggling so far. It was double nice coming against the Rangers after being to shut out in the World Series. Ray Ratto posed the question of whether Burrell will be the starter or not. I would say that even if he just has an iffy spring, he has to be run back out as the starter, even if just to start the season. Burrell is a threat and the lineup needs his presence for now. Let Brandon Belt season a bit.

Speaking of Belt, I've yet to see him do something great. That's not a knock. I know very well that he is capable of doing great things and all signs point to him being a star. I'm just saying I, personally, haven't witnessed any of them. I hope I get to see something on either Friday or Saturday.

I'm pretty sure Cain will be okay. It is a tad alarming when a guy sustains his first publicly acknowledged injury, but this horse will keep racing. He pitched a lot of innings last year and his elbow is barking more than he's used to. He will work through it. Pitching is, obviously, the main course on the Giants plate. Expect him to be a large portion of it. I think there is even a chance that this ends up being Cain's Cy Young year. That playoff run of his was no fluke. We all know that out here. Now he will prove it to the East Coast minded baseball media.

That's a little unfair. I watched the MLB Network's coverage of Giants camp on their show "30 Clubs in 30 Days". They had a lot of praise for this team and their pitching staff. Still, the analysts - Harold Reynolds and John Hart - said the Giants will fall short of another title. I guess that's fair, since that is the more likely scenario, but, it reminds me about the fact that it is indeed unlikely, but not impossible. This team is going to be so exciting. Yesterday's game intensified my anticipation. The starters for both teams played a signifigant amount of the game and the Giants took care of business within that timeframe and did so convincingly. Brian Sabean said, at the pre-camp function for season ticket holders, that was later televised, this team arrived ahead of schedule. I think we all agree with that. Just 2 seasons prior this was a sub-par team and now they are the champs. Pretty crazy.

Ogando looked filthy yesterday, huh? I mean, he may be no replacement for Lee, but filthy.

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