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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Rumors 2011: Big Day for Suppan

The Realistic Giants Fan: After Today, 12th Spot Should Be a Little Clearer.

Today is a make it or break it start for Jeff Suppan. The veteran started off rolling at the beginning of spring, but his last start was a stain on his record. After giving up 5 runs to his old team, the Brewers, Suppan doesn't look like the shoe-in he once did. If he does have a poor outing, his realease may come quickly, as he would most likely refuse a demotion to the minor leagues. The Giants are a good and fair organization and would probably like to give Suppan as much time as possible to find another job. Many teams are looking for a 5th starter and Suppan can eat innings, the main thing other teams usually want from a number 5. I hope he has a good day. The Giants could use his presence and can't expect to survive another season without a long reliever.

In related news, Ryan Vogelsong has said that he would accept an assignment to Triple-A. That would mean regular starts for the much traveled minor-league veteran. He would be an emergency back up in case one of the starters went down. If Suppan has another off day, then I would fully expect Runzler to make this team, as a 3rd left handed arm is always a good thing, but would still leave the Giants without a bullpen eater of innings. Guillermo Mota's chances look bleak.

Brandon Belt is causing quite a stir and his chances of heading north look better each day. He hit for 3 legs of the cycle against the White Sox on Wednesday. If forced to bet the house I would still lean towards him starting the year in Fresno, but he is keeping things interesting. Read Alex Pavlovic's blog, filling in for Andrew Baggarly, to read high praise for Belt from Tim Lincecum.

Yesterday was St. Patrick's day and keeping in the mood Brian Wilson wore green shoes. You can't be fined for such things in Spring Training, right? He didn't pitch on his birthday, Wednesday, but, he said that pitching on the Irish holiday - being Irish himself - was just as good.

The Giants are 17-5 so far this spring and everything seems to be looking up. A writer from another squad told Bochy that the Giants were a juggernaut. If they can just stay healthy I think they will have no problem living up to that label. That being said, Adam Wainwright's injury has helped remind me just how fragile ptching is. It's been said before, but humans were created to throw underhanded. Pitching is far away from natural.

Two weeks from yesterday, people. Two weeks from yesterday.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com. Or listen to my daily (M-F) radio show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/realisticgiantsfan. It is live at 12:30 pm except for one floating day a week when it is in the evening. This column appears on Mondays and Fridays.)


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