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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Rumors 2011: Pressure on Belt Alleviated

The Realistic Giants Fan: Look for Burrell to Start Opening Day

Finally, Brian Sabean has said something more definitive about one Brandon Belt. His inkling is that Belt will start the year in Triple-A. Good. It lessens the pressure on 3 individuals: Aubrey Huff, Belt and Pat Burrell. First off, Pat Burrell can now enter the spring pretty much assured that he will begin the year as the left fielder. Sabean has already said that the alleged "Machine" will enter camp as the incumbent. Now, he will probably win re-election. Huff can now concentrate on 1st base. I'm sure that he will see some time in the outfield in March, but not a full split. Belt, the youngster, doesn't have to hit the ground running as a desperately needed piece. Everyone wants to point to the fact that overall in 3 minor league spots Belt hit .352. The stat, however, that sticks in my mind is his .229 average in his Triple-A stint. I realize it was just a 13 game sample and I am aware of his impressive fall league performance. That being said, he has only played 13 games in Triple-A. That says to me that he needs more time. Also, the fall league is not necessarily filled with nothing but those in the highest level of the minor leagues.

The whole Showtime experiment is coming to a head this weekend. There is a lot of speculation as to what this show will be. I don't like the idea, as I've mentioned before. First of all, it has been described as a "docu-drama". That screams no good to me. Look, these shows are supposed to be compelling and the same old surface stuff we get already is not exactly "must see" tv. I don't care what the execs at Showtime and Major League Baseball Productions say, some drama will either be facilitated, or blown out of proportion. So, in the face of all these potential problems I see an easy solution: DON'T DO IT!

I haven't mentioned it yet, but Lincecum was named one of the coolest athletes by GQ magazine. Well, duh. I have to say, between this and them ranking Kruk and Kuip very high in the rundown of best announcers makes GQ my favorite magazine that I don't read.

Lastly, on the official website Chris Haft did a story about Deion Sanders, who will almost assuredly be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame later this year. Now, I am one to remember nearly everything Giants. However, I totally forgot that Deion Sanders was a Giant. In fact, when it comes to the baseball side of his career, the main thing I remember is him dousing an unsuspecting Tim McCarver in the locker room. "You're a real man, Deion," said an obviously angered McCarver. Too funny.

Listen to the radio show today, as it is a gambler Friday where I will give you my picks on the Super Bowl and some of my favorite prop bets. If you miss it, it will be archived. Fan Fest tomorrow! Have a good time.

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  1. Nice rundown, I agree that management should just straight up have a rule that a position player spends say 50 games in AAA I can't see any reason any MLB player skips AAA. While I will probably end up watching a little of the Showtime gig I shouldn't because it won't be good for the team, but it is good for the MLB and I am a fan of the continued success of the league. Deion was the last of the SUPER COOL athletes, the dude just had it, of course his degree in marketing probably helped.