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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Rumors 2011: Have Your Day, Frontrunners

The Realistic Giants Fan: Fanfest and Other Notes

The Fanfest attracted a record crowd. As many as 60,000 may have been there. I was not one of them. I have a bit of a drive in order to get to AT&T and before I even got close KNBR told me to go home...there was no room at the inn. I don't feel too bad, though. I heard all the interviews on the radio side of things. I knew that it was going to be crowded as all holy hell, so I am nowhere near disappointed. I'm not a fan of large crowds when the main activity is milling around. If everyone is moving and flowing, then I'm fine. That's not just sour grapes. I am sure that many of the people there were front-runners who didn't get into the Giants until October 9th. They can have this Fanfest. I enjoyed many after sub-par finishes, hanging out with the true fans like me and yourselves.

Speaking at the Fanfest, Tim Lincecum said he didn't see why the Giants couldn't win 100 games. I'll be honest, I don't see why not either. This was a 92 win season done mostly with a different lineup than ended the year. The pitching should only get better, what with a full season from Madison Bumgarner and Barry Zito being up against other Number 5s. There will also be a full season from Buster Posey. Last year's big name signing, Mark DeRosa, is claiming he feels fine and will hopefully be a contributing factor. The Panda looks great. He is the thinnest I have ever seen him. That includes when he was first called up at the end of '08. He seems to have been rather embarassed by his showing last year, as well as his lack of playing time during the postseason. He also has been working with Barry Bonds on his swing. I have mixed feelings about that. Barry probably has some good things to say and there was nobody more patient at the plate. That is Pablo's biggest problem, far beyond his weight. On the other side, while I doubt Barry would be dumb enough to offer Pablo a performance enhancer, he's not exactly the name I would want to be associated with. I guess it didn't hurt Ryan Howard...or maybe it did. He sure froze like a statue at the final pitch of the LCS, on a pitch from Brian Wilson that a man paid to drive in runs should've been swinging at. Sometimes patience hurts.

The Giants have signed ex-Padre Gonzalez! Of course it isn't that Gonzalez. It's actually his brother, Edgar. Fresh off a stint in Japan for the Yomiuri Giants, Gonzalez is an incredibly underwhelming signing. He was not invited to major league camp, so it's a stretch to expect to see him on Opening Day. I don't know what his purpose is beyond insurance. Some have suggested that most of the recent signings are to fatten up Fresno's squad. I'll buy that.

Last thing for this week. I have heard multiple people complain about Duane Kuiper's final call of the World Series. Ok, he got the amount of years wrong for how he said it. He should have said, "for the first time in 52 years, the SAN FRANCISCO Giants have won the World Series." Or used the more correct 56 years. I caught it the second I heard it, but c'mon. Give the guy a break. Duane is an unabashed fan. He not only was a Giant, he is a Giant. Obviously it was a very emotional time. He probably had it all worked out in his mind what he was gonna say, then the heat of the moment got to him. Don't forget that no less than the Great Neil Armstrong screwed up his little quote from the moon. What do you need? To play this for generations to come? C'mon. It seems now like you wanna preserve it, but get over it.

I have my favorite Kuiper calls to lay back on. If you can find it, check out his call of Benito Santiago's big homerun in the 4th game of the 2002 NLCS. My biggest thing against the World Series call is it's now played for the "When you think..." ad promos. I loved the one they played the last 2 seasons, because it was so understated. "When you think... (Kuiper) 'HIGH DRIVE! LEFT FIELLLLD...OUT-AH HEEEERE.'" I got chills writing that. That's the power of Duane. So leave him the eff alone.

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