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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Rumors 2011: Internet Radio Launch

The Realistic Giants Fan: The Giants and more to be Featured on New Internet Radio Show

So I am launching a new radio show. We will discuss many things, but the focus will be local sports. The show will be on DAILY at 12:30 pm Pacific Time, starting tomorrow, Tuesday January 18th, 2011. Its called "Sports in Reality: The Realistic Sports Report" and will be hosted by me, with appearances by my pal Matt, an avid basketball and baseball fan and our very own Mr. Rappaport, or "the Rapp", a norcal spy who risked his reputation by moving deep into enemy territory (Los Angeles). If you can't make it for the live showing it will be archived for you to listen to at a later time. If you do listen live then you can feel free to call in and share your thoughts on whatever we may be discussing. It is just 30 minutes long, for now, so it's an easy listen.

Here's the link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/realisticgiantsfan

Brandon Belt is going to be given a legitimate shot to take the 1st basemen's job. That's cool, but we will see what happens. We have gotten so lucky as far as rookies working out the moment they get to the show and the bottom will drop out on the streak eventually. I hope this isn't the time. I personally feel he will do well, but you never know. I saw him in the Arizona Fall League and he had a fine game. He shows patience at the plate and I think we all know that is needed around here. Last year they got better at working pitches, but mainly through foul balls. It will be nice to have a presence at the plate that works walks, not just long at-bats.

A lot is being made about the Giants' pitchers having a shortened offseason. I don't think it's going to affect as much as it is being speculated. You have to take into account the adrenaline rush being the defending world champs will give them. Throughout baseball history repeat titles have happened, so it must not be impossible to get by a short winter. The thing I worry about affecting them is this new Showtime television show I am hearing about. I don't think it's too good an idea, myself. We care about the Giants around here and there is plenty of little insider stuff we can get our hands on. That should be enough. These whole "Hard Knocks" or "The Club" style reality shows really irk me. No, I don't find Rex Ryan interesting. I find him to be a foul mouthed blowhard. A foul mouthed blowhard that got his team past Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in successive weeks, which is no small task, but a blowhard just the same. There are certain things that go on in the clubhouse that I want these guys to be able to keep private. There are guarantees being made that nothing embarrassing will be shown, but this is a TV show, so they will get as racy as possible. If they can make you look foolish, while making you think you're being covered legitimately, they will do it. (See: Antonio Cromartie's children.) Even so, I'll watch it. I know, I'm terrible.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com. This column appears on Mondays and Fridays. Also, listen daily to my radio show at 12:30 pm -1:00 pm Pacific Time at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/realisticgiantsfan)


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