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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Rumors 2011 - Edgar, Dodgers, Bonds

The Realistic Giants Fan: Be Kind to Renteria

So it's official, Edgar Renteria has left for Cincinatti. I truly do wish him the best. He will always hold a special place in Giants fans hearts...well most of them anyway.

I have read some vicious things about Renteria in the comment boxes over the past few days. Look, I was far from happy about the production we got from Renteria over the past 2 years, but it was his age that caught him, not his desire. I have seen him called lazy multiple times and that is far off base. He was injured. The only slight anger I feel is that his elbow problem from the 2009 season was probably nothing new. He purposely hid it from us. Even so, he was a calming influence in the clubhouse and as we all know came through in the biggest of situations. So, let's cut him some slack and move on. Bad contracts happen.

The Dodgers blocked the season opener from being moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Good for them. I think concessions made for television are alright, such as moving it up a day and changing the start time, but moving the location is going too far. Why would the Dodgers give up the home advantage and sit through a ring ceremony for their rivals? I would be perturbed if the Dodgers had won the World Series and were scheduled to open at AT&T and they wanted to shift south. So, I like it. Don't make the Giants comfortable for ESPN's sake.

Lastly, I saw the debate on the MLB Network between Bob Costas, Tom Verducci, Peter Gammons and Jon Heyman about the steroids era and the Hall of Fame. I've made it clear that I am no big fan of Barry Bonds. I don't like his personality, demeanor, arrogance and of course his refusal to acknowledge any wrongdoing. Still, he is a no doubt hall of famer. Did steroids pad his numbers? Sure they did, but his accomplishments are so far and away from the McGwires and Palmeiros of the world that it is obvious, to me anyway, that he was on a different level of talent than his doping peers. I wish we had gotten to see what his numbers would have been without aide. Perhaps he would have been considered undebatably the greatest to play the game. It's a shame but doesn't change one thing. He belongs in the Hall of Fame.

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1 comment:

  1. Bonds is a sad case, he was in the HOF before he ever touched steroids and even without them would have probably been in the top 10 players of all time debate. He looked at Sosa and Mc and his bad personality with his arrogance and such took over because he couldn't handle inferior players getting attention like that. Bonds overall respects the game more than most players, I have a feeling his shame runs so deep it hurts him pretty bad as it is which is why he can't talk about it. Bonds didn't have the greatest personality but he was a great player long before the steroids, if he would just admit things correctly he could be the poster child for doing the right thing and he would be the easiest to forgive if he went all the way and gave up the home run records.