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SF Giants Rumors / Trade Rumors 2011 - Holiday Break is Over

The Realistic Giants Fan: HA HA RANGERS!

I have made peace with the holidays, especially now that I have a daughter to enjoy watching open presents. Still, I am glad that they are over and the world can go back to normal. Gary Radnich can come back into my mornings and the Giants can go back to making moves. I like F.P. and Ray Ratto, but they don't have the same rapport with Patrick Connor and Dan Dibley that Gary has. Enough on that subject, though, as I know a lot of people can't stand the guy. As far as the Giants go, are there really even any more moves to make besides a backup shortstop? I am not saying that this team is perfect, but rather that there is no one else out there for us to get without a trade and our players on the table are either unproven over the long haul, or make way too much money.

I am enjoying this whole Adrian Beltre saga. It seems it will be the Rangers who have decided to overpay him. After he turned down the A's offer I thought there was a chance that Scott Boras was gonna be this year's Bob Bry and turn his client into something unsignable. Mr. Bry's insistence last year cost his client, Jermaine Dye, a job. Well, good for you Rangers. I hope he is your Aaron Rowand. Suckers. Beltre had a comeback year this past season because he knew this offseason would be an opportunity to make money. Ask Seattle what Beltre does when not depending upon a new contract or a pay raise via arbitration. Beltre will be an old 32 this next season, and he will probably be signed through age 37. If that's what you want, more power to you. The tragedy is Michael Young. They have moved him before and may have to again. This time, probably, to the bench. I told you the Giants weren't involved. Zito and Rowand taught Sabean a valuable lesson...don't always listen to the Managing General Partner. You can take it straight to the bank: Those two contracts are why Bill Neukom (and not Peter Magowan), has the final say.

Well, that's all for now. The roster seems crowded, but the closer we get to spring things will be clearer. Until then I don't want to venture any guesses as to who plays where. In fact, we probably won't have a truly clear picture until the end of spring training. All I know for sure is that the complexion of this team depends entirely on how Pablo Sandoval and Brandon Belt do in Spring Training...which is just a month and a half away. Can you believe it? I guess that's what happens when your season ends on November 1st.

(feel free to comment or contact me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo .com. This column appears on Mondays and Fridays.)


  1. If only a NL team had over committed for Beltre, the Rangers taking him doesn't help us that much except it isn't us and we don't face him. Spring training will be here before you know it. Pitchers and Catchers, three great words to here.

  2. You do have to hand it to Young his loyalty to that team is impressive, I see he has volunteered to DH now which would be his third position switch to stay a Ranger. I wonder if we could use Young and what it might take to get him if he does need to move on, he sounds like a pros pro from everything I have heard about him.