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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: Offseason Moves and Grooves

How Long Has it Been? Does Anyone Care?

Sometimes, my friends, time slips away quicker than you want it to. So, even though it's a Friday, we have some hot stove things to discuss.

First off, Huff is coming back. I know there are those of you out there who wanted to just give the job to Brandon Belt, sight unseen. I believe that Belt is indeed going to be a big contributor either this year or the next, but you can't just hand things off to a kid and expect them to be Buster Posey or Tim Lincecum. We have been lucky in the rookie department as of late, which is definitely an anomaly. Eventually someone will come up and fall flat on their face. Again, I don't think Belt will fail at this level, but 1st base is a position we've been burned on before. Anyone remember J.R. Phillips? How about Damon Minor? Didn't we try Dan Ortmeier there a few times? Then there's Travis Ishikawa, bless his heart, whom is a fantastic defender and has proved very valuable coming off the bench, but is certainly no superstar. Change positions and you have Emmanuel Burriss and Kevin Frandsen. Completely unrelated, but whatever happened to Todd Linden and Tony Torcato? Are they both out of baseball? Huff is needed. Huff is necessary. Do not forget that even if Belt tears it up and demands to be called up Huff can play in the outfield. The way I see it, we could ease him into the lineup and run Huff out to left whenever Burrell needs a blow.

That, of course, brings us to Burrell. People asked me and I told them I had no doubt in my mind that Burrell would be back. There is talk of having Burrell in more of a reserve role this time around, but I'd be willing to bet that he eventually picks up an everyday role. I saw a lot from Burrell last year and I think he is still a couple years from being done. He was none too happy in Tampa Bay, so throw out his struggles there. He didn't do so hot in the World Series, but that was just a matter of slumping at an ill-advised time. 20+ homers this year, I'd just about bank on it. Burrell will allow the aforementioned ease into the lineup for Belt. Let's face it, Burrell will almost assuredly not be back for 2012. That's when Huff can become the everyday right fielder or left fielder as, hopefully, Belt will take over the first base spot. There are a lot of scenarios that could pan out. If any of them struggle the other two can fill the spots. The only problems that could arise are the unlikely scenarios where either all 3 of them struggle, or where all 3 are on fire. The last scenario being none too shabby, as perhaps Cody Ross will be struggling. If not and all 3 are smokin' hot then I'd look for Bruce Bochy to go with Burrell over Belt because Boch loves him some veterans. Besides, how many more years under the sun is there for Burrell? There's plenty of time for Belt to shine.

Juan Uribe apparently spurned us, according to the Los Angeles Times, but nobody else is reporting that. I personally don't believe it, as I can't imagine with Brandon Crawford on his way that Brian Sabean would offer such a deal. The Dodgers apparently learned nothing from the disaster of a contract they gave to Rafael Furcal. Seriously, I love Uribe and will definitely miss the "UUUU-RIBE" chant, but another 3 years? No, thank-you. You could definitely point to the Tejada signing as losing something, but give me 1 year from Tejada over 3 years of Uribe any day. Also, don't necessarily expect Tejada to be anything near our everyday shortstop. I personally see us winning the Bartlett sweepstakes, as the Rays need low paid youngins' for their squad, seeing as they have money problems stemming from the fact that more people will personally attend the upcoming royal wedding than go to Tropicana Field. Sad really. That's where Brandon Crawford will come in. I see him as part of the trade bait along with Zack Wheeler or Connor Gilaspie. Maybe even all 3. You may think I'm crazy and perhaps I am. Of course I would hate to see another Liriano/Nathan trade, but these guys as of now are unproven and sometimes those things just happen. I am one of the biggest defenders of Sabean and for those of you finding this article for the 1st time, you may say that is easy to say now, but go through the older articles and you'll see that I was old school lovin' Sabean. Before the season and even in the middle of a losing streak where we found ourselves a dismal 41-40, I was there tellin' everyone to chill. Sandoval will play if he takes the job from Tejada, but in case he's done, which I definitely think he is, Tejada can handle the hot corner admirably.

That brings me to another point. I was so dead on last year. It was ridiculous. I predicted the fall of the Padres, the deep run into the playoffs. The fact that Bengie Molina was a temporary member of our roster, that Burrell would prove to be a valuable pick up and of course, at the beginning of the playoffs that we were definitely going to win the World Series. This is just a partial list, mind you. Now, I want them to win every year as much as you all do, but I guarantee that doesn't cloud my judgement. If I thought they were going to be a bad team I would have had no problem whatsoever telling you all as much. I am very interested in being accurate. I said it in spring training, there was just a special vibe to this team. I saw a team win 88 games in 2009 and while everyone, including the giant telephone book sized hunk of crap known as the "Baseball Prospectus", said that it was an overachieving fluke, I personally knew better. I know my baseball and anyone who wants to get into the technicalities of this game: Bring it on. I'll out knowledge you any day of the week. That's why I hunted for a place to write a blog this year. I knew that I would be jumping on the blog writing ship at the exact right time. The name of this article would usually infer that I was somehow negative. "The Realistic Giants Fan" title was about anything but negativity. I was sick and tired of hearing people call in to KNBR with their worries and their calling for Sabean's head on a stick. I knew that the pitching staff wouldn't let us lose too many in a row and was made for the postseason. I also knew that Sabean would tweak the team just right, as his track record when we are an above average team is phenomenal. Ok, maybe Garko was a bad move, but Freddy Sanchez sure worked out pretty good, huh? Do we make it to the World Series in 2002 without the contributions of Kenny Lofton? I know a lot of deals blew up in his face in the middle of the last decade, but let's face it, he was trying to fix what had become "Barry Bonds and the quadruple A stiffs." You can only put so much lipstick on a pig.

Ok, 'til Monday my friends, or maybe not. Life has been hectic of late and quite honestly I work very hard for this hard article and stress about it constantly. "What am I gonna write?" is a common thought while looking at a blank screen. Next to no one, it would seem, reads my work. There's no counter, so I can't gauge it. The people that run this well put together, but poorly advertised, site don't answer my emails and I am nowhere near compensated for my toils. Seriously, how many of you get Bleacher Report emails everyday? And all the writers there stink. You wanna run with the big boys, you gotta promote like the big boys. I have tried, believe me. If you run a site and would like to add me to your roster I am definitely a free agent. I don't expect that to happen. People have to actually come to the site and read your stuff. What a waste these fine articles have been. I feel no ego when saying such. I'm being wasted here.

(This article appears whenever I want it to, since they told me to keep a scheduled time, I did, and nothing came of it. In case you haven't noticed I'm frustrated. Feel free to comment, or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com)


  1. My guess is with blogging you get reads but it is very hard to get people to comment, I always read your work. I agree that it is wise not to play the straight rookie game at first, this is a position that minors players always seem to look better at before they hit the majors. In addition Burrell should be back, he likes the rings and I think management knows we could use him. Great stuff.

  2. The Giants WILL NOT trade Zack Wheeler in anything other than an absolute blockbuster trade. Such a trade would not even be possible without Giants deciding to go significantly higher on payroll to accomodate the player(s) they would pick-up. To suggest that the Giants would trade Wheeler as part of a package for Bartlett is crazy - NO WAY. Never happen.

  3. I agree a trading Zach Wheeler isn't likely.