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Renteria Upset...Too Bad.

Edgar Renteria is apparently miffed by our rather small 1 year $1mm contract offer that the Giants have presented to him. Well...whatever, I say. In fact, I'm sure most of you say whatever as well. Look, Renteria was a World Series hero, that's a fact, but, it is also a fact that he came nowhere near earning the $19mm dollars we gave him. 3 run homer in the 7th aside. Does he want a raise? Burrell is about to play a year for a million, why can't Renteria? Quite simply, Renteria wants to stay. He is getting offers from other teams, some of which probably want him to play more often, as well as pay him more. If he didn't want to stay with us he wouldn't be offended at all. He would just take the other offers. This is what's known as leverage. We have it, he doesn't. Basically, Eddy, you need us more than we need you. I would rather pay Renteria $1.5 mm to coach. Not saying that's a good idea, it would just be a better alternative than upping the price. I love Renteria and furthermore it is rather obvious that the rest of the team loves him, too. However, $1mm is the most he should be paid.

I heard a rumor today, Aaron Rowand for Kosuke Fukudome. I like the sound of this move, as they are claiming that Rowand is going to be given a chance in left field. Rowand is a center fielder and that's about it. The corners take a different look and when you have been a center fielder your whole career the initial adjustment can be difficult. That, coupled with the fact that I don't see Rowand getting enough time to get used to it, makes him expendable. Unfortunately his contract most likely makes him unmovable. Anything short of us paying his salary while the Cubs basically pay for Fukudome is not going to work. Another outfielder may also confuse things a bit, but it would give us some wiggle room. Fukudome can play right, and Cody Ross can play all three. If either Burrell or Torres play themselves out of the lineup, Fukudome, as it stands right now, feels like a better option. I would have to say, though, that this sounds like a pipe dream.

So then what about Schierholtz? you say. Well, I'm not sure. The Giants have said they will entertain offers for him, but you can't really expect to get much for him. Schierholtz is one of the saddest stories I have seen in the context of baseball. He was never really given a chance. I thought for sure last year was going to be Nate's thick and thin year. They didn't re-sign Winn, so the door seemed to wide open. I thought they were gonna run him out there, let him get hot at times and let him work through his struggles. It's obvious this organization doesn't think much of him. Great defender, don't trust him with the bat. Under better circumstances I think he could have become a very servicable everyday player, but not with us for some reason. I like Schierholtz a ton and have to be the only guy I have ever seen with a Schierholtz jersey. My first inkling the front office didn't like him was when they started Bowker over him. There were signs before then, obviously, but that was the one that finally stamped it for me. We needed power at the beginning of the year, but, Bowker? Really? I wanna know what's going on behind the scenes and where Nate offended either Bruce Bochy or the front office. I feel for him.

THE GIANTS ARE NOT IN THE BELTRE STAKES. You fools at the other blogs need to stop suggesting such. He turned down the A's 5 year 60+ offer, which some say is over the stadium. Baloney, Scott Boras has just convinced him he is worth more. I only have one thing to say about Boras' reputation for screwing people: Zito. Let that be a lesson to us all.

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  1. I hope Edgar isn't offended enough not to sign, there is one thing to have leverage and another to use it wrongly. We have to remember that the average MLB salary is way over 1 million, and like you said we could use him as a coach. Agree with you that there is no way in ... that Beltre is playing this side of the Bay. I would rather have Rowand over Fukudome because he is a winner.

  2. No way Beltre plays here, but it is a nice dream from those smoking the good stuff.