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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: World Series Will Still Start at AT&T

Remember, We're Still the Likely Winner

Fear not. This series, despite what I am hearing nationally, is not over. It is not a foregone conclusion. You would think the Phillies were up 3-2 in the series. They are not. The Phillies have won nothing and we have lost nothing. This is why they play the games.

It reminds me of the 2003 World Series. The Marlins did the same thing as far as "sneaking up on people". The Florida fans knew about them, just like we know about our Giants, but the rest of us didn't expect them to win anything. They faced us in the 1st round and we were just too mighty for them to even contend in the series. Well, we were wrong. Then the Cubs...well it was just their year. They stole our "Dustiny" line and blame Bartman for their eventual loss, but the Marlins were on a mission. Even through that and taking a 3-1 lead on the Yankees, they had converted noone, except for Bobby Valentine on Baseball Tonight. The Yankees then won Game 5. You would have thought the Marlins were gonna give up. John Kruk even explained it..."How are you up 3-2 and in trouble? Because the Yankees are coming home and they know how to take care of business." That's close to the exact quote.

The Marlins then closed it out in Game 6 and still no national analyst was willing to claim that the Marlins had won. Instead the analysis was focused on how the Yankees had failed. There was no way the Marlins had beaten the mighty Yankees, the Yankees must have blown it. It was their sneaky way of trying to prove they were still right, even though they appeared to be dead wrong. No respect was ever given to the Marlins, just as none will be given to us, but who cares? They had the hardware.

It was said just this morning that "all the pressure is on the Giants." How could that be possible? The Phillies have been outplayed and they know it, even if none of the media can see it. Who really cares that we are going back to Citizens Bank Park? Haven't the Giants been playing better on the road of late? This is certainly not the time to panic. This is a team that won series' this year. Not many sweeps but they won a lot of series'. They were also masters of the split, whether it be a 2 game series, or a 4 game. They are impervious to whatever it is they supposedly should be feeling. They are a loose bunch, grounded in reality.

Don't forget also that we have Sanchez going out there tomorrow, who has hands down been our best big game pitcher this year. Who thought that was gonna be a true statement? He didn't have his best stuff in Game 2, so a rocky start is out of the way. Even without his best stuff he still pitched a decent game. If he is on he is quite simply unhittable. Impossible to make good contact on. Oswalt is coming into this game 10-0 at Citizens Bank Park, which is a stat I like, believe it or not, because good lord, you gotta lose sometime. That's how baseball works.

It was discussed on the MLB network if Oswalt was going to go out there tired, seeing as he had a 100+ pitch outing and then came in to relieve in Game 4. The analysts scoff, saying that the pitch count is overrated and that it isn't a good measure. Let me explain why it is. First, look at box scores from the "old days". Hitters were way more aggressive back then, as many complete games were finished between the 85 and 115 pitch mark. Second, you now have an entire generation of pitchers, I mean every pitcher in the league, with a few exceptions, that has been conditioned with a pitch count their entire professional careers. Minors through the show. The human body has a long history of only going as far as you take it. If you are used to throwing 100 pitches, that's what you can handle. Then to come back and throw an inning out of the bullpen didn't help. Yes it was just 17 pitches, but his day to throw was actually yesterday. Plus the tosses to get warm cannot be discounted. Then there is the mental strain of "blowing" a game, which I'm relatively sure is how he views it despite what the actual truth may be.

Last, but certainly not least, the Giants felt coming into this series that they could beat Oswalt. Game 2 was kind of a stumble from that thought, but Game 4 reinforced it. This series is not over. Don't let anyone tell you that. It's not over if we lose Game 6 either. It isn't over until someone wins 4 games, don't forget it.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com. I'll be back Monday to either prep you for the series or congratulate the guys on a great season...Guess which article I'd rather write.)

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  1. Yep, not over yet we are going the the World Series you can bank on it. The Phillies had a nice little run but this is the end of it.