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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: Exciting, but 2 More Wins to Go

Ridiculous. That's the only word that keeps coming to mind. Ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous. Who are these guys and what did they do with my team? I'm not complaining, I'm just absolutely stunned. I really felt that we were going to win the 1st 2 games, but not like this. Not like some sort of dominant buzzsaw. The buzzsaw was the Rangers, right? We had to keep them from scoring. What is going on?

Here's what I found so ridiculous. 1st, all these runs. Right now the Giants are swinging the bats well. 2nd, we lit up the all but canonized (for you people with a non-Catholic background it means made a saint) Cliff Lee. He was supposedly an unstoppable force. You know, like Halladay. If anyone got to him it was going to be our "weak" offense? Of course, look at our track record against great pitchers. I get asked how they do it and here's my answer. The great pitchers of this league depend on throwing strikes. The hitters in this league are conditioned to be patient, which falls right into people like Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay's hands. Before you know it you are up there with an 0-2 count and these guys are simply the best at putting you away. The Giants hitters are hacks. They go up there looking for the 1st strike you throw them. They avoid 2 strike counts like the plague. There seems to be a nearly universal thought that what you have to do is not even think about scoring off these guys, but rather run up their pitch count and pray you can get to the bullpen and I get why that seems like a good idea. I don't know if the Giants are just confident, or too dumb to realize, that they aren't supposed to hit these guys. They haven't cared yet who gets thrown at them.

The 3rd ridiculous thing is our pitching. Lincecum had a little bump in the road and Sanchez has had 2 straight less than stellar outings, but outside of that they have been out of their minds. Why? Because our great pitchers don't throw strikes. They throw stuff that looks like its coming right into the kill me zone, then dips or slides at a very late juncture. When we are on we make other teams hitters look silly. They can't help but swing at the pitches. My favorite is when they realize they messed up and try to check their swing and just plain can't. Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, Cole Hamels, Roy Hallady, Derek Lowe. All these guys didn't have to throw a pitch to be recognized as great, but Matt Cain had to throw up 21 innings without an earned run to get his due respect. That, is ridiculous.

You realize the rest of the country hates us, right? I don't mean the Giants, either. I mean US. All people who reside in the San Francisco Bay Area. Actually, pretty much all of California. We are liberal they say and not just politically liberal, which most of us are, but rather liberal in our lifestyles and laws and clothing. This is a mostly moderate or conservative country. We scare them. They are scared that our laid back attitude and universal acceptance will spread to their children whose minds they have worked so hard to mold. On the internet message boards I have posted thoughtful baseball based comments and in return been called every homosexual slur in the book. Fantastic, awesome. I LOVE that they hate us. It is only the truly tolerant that can get by this name calling. I even have tolerance for the intolerant. In fact, I feel bad for them. I feel bad that the light of acceptance hasn't shone on them. Too bad.

Josh Hamilton...shut up already. We know your story and it is truly one of triumph, but that doesn't mean you now have to become the tattletale of everyone else's drug use. I am not a pot smoker, but I am voting yes on Prop 19. As I see it, we have a revenue problem, so good, tax it. Also, alcohol, which is a hard, life damaging substance, is legal. Pot is not healthy, but it's a better alternative to alcohol. Which brings up another point...how about all the people drinking, Josh? Why not, "I was in center field and I saw this drunk guy acting like an ass and I kept looking at the cops..." He went for the pot. Because he knows that the non pot smoking drunks in Texas would go up in arms about the "mental wasteland" that California has supposedly become. I also have a problem with athletes giving up glory to god or Jesus only when they win. Look, I have no problem whatsoever with people being a Christian. I don't even mind if they give it up to their lord, but they have to do it consistently. When Josh Hamilton won the ALCS MVP award he was making sure he mentioned his savior. The last two nights, though, a dejected Josh Hamilton has been interviewed and not name dropped Jesus once. The apostle Peter and the prophet Paul both went down in the name of the lord, refusing to stop mentioning him even in the face of execution, but Josh Hamilton can't even bring him up after 2 World Series' losses? Also, if Jesus is really up there at the right hand of his father, do you think he gives a flying (poop) about sports competitions? What about Christians on the Giants? Does god love you more? It gets irritating.

Finally, we have won absolutely nothing yet. There are still 2 wins to go and we have to go play at their house. What we just did, as far as winning 2 games, we have to repeat. I have been asked the DH question and I would personally put Huff in that spot and start Ishikawa at first. Have Ishikawa hit 9th. I know it seems like Burrell is the obvious choice, but the inability to perform in that very position (position?) is exactly why Tampa released him. Burrell himself said that it takes him out of the rhythm of the game. I know the perception is that he is a terrible outfielder and his range is definitely limited, but he has Torres in center. He also catches everything hit in his range, which for some is a more difficult task than it sounds. He also has an above average arm, so relax he is just fine if they run him out there.

Pretty exciting...but there's still work to be done.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com. See ya Monday!)

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  1. bonds in left, velez in right, panda in center. Fontenot dh. wellemeyer on the mound and zito for the ninth OH YEAH

    - you know who