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Home Field: Take Advantage

It's strange even to myself how calm I remained during the 7th inning meltdown in game 2. I was seemingly unbothered by what was happening right before my eyes. It's funny to how this team has conditioned me. They eventually come through. They win games at the exact right times and just barely do enough to win them. They aren't the most explosive offense and our pitching staff's talents are dwarfed by other teams bigger names. Their biggest asset is collective. They know how to win. This team gets the marathon aspect more than any other team I've ever seen. That's the key that's been missing. That's why this team rebounds from tough losses so well. There is no demoralizing them because they know they have more games to come back on. Now it's time for the mold of the season to break.

These guys have been on the road awhile. The last two games in Atlanta and Philadelphia have all been on the road. They came home for a short stay in between series and had some workouts, but it obviously isn't the same as it will be tomorrow. Tomorrow the crowd will be electric and some will say this can make them nervous, but I expect it to make them feel relaxed and remember how much fun this season has been and how desperately they don't want it to end. That will be the extra bit of energy that will be all the difference in a day game being played by a Philadelphia team, which hasn't traveled farther than Cincinatti these past 3 weeks, that is essentially playing at 10:00AM.

Look, Oswalt had something to prove. He felt like he had been softly owned. In none of his 3 losses to the Giants this year did he give up more than 3 earned runs. He also feels incredibly comfortable at Citizens Bank Park. He has somehow figured out how to exploit hitters aggressiveness in a hitter friendly ballpark. It's not like he didn't have a lot of practice playing in the bandbox that is Minute Maid Park.

Here though, is where the tide changes. This will be our reward for having put up with all the torture. The Giants are about to take care of business in swift decisive fashion. It's way overdue. I believe in these guys and that the confidence I have in them is justified. The Phillies were reeling after game 1 and got way overexcited for a win just like Atlanta had before them. They are scared of us. It has to make you a little wary when a team has the ability to beat you when seemingly nothing is going at full speed for them. Eventually the sleeping Giant will awaken and become unbeatable. Baseball is a cyclical game and Tuesday is game 169. It was at around the 85 game mark that the season took flight. Then we plowed the competition through the rest of July. That brings us to where we stand right now. The Giants just figure out how to win...but now it will be more obvious.

The next few games should be a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy them as well.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com. See you Friday.)


  1. Sweet post. I think you summed up the game perfectly. Especially after the game has now happened and everything you predicted came to fruition. Your realistic perspective is starting to rub off on me!!!

  2. Thank you to the ticket bot for posting...especially considering my article was about how you shouldn't by Phillie tix.

  3. I am not calm today, we need to get this game somehow!