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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: 162 Games? Let's Use 'Em All

The Reward for Torture

Wahoo! It would be easy to say that I predicted them to win the division in spring training...so I will. The roster has changed over a lot since then, but the pitching was going to be the core. I also have had faith in Sabean and Bochy from day one. Sabean is not passionate when he is interviewed. Rather he is all business and calm. I think that gets misread as he doesn't care. He cares, he has to care. This is his job and he has been here over 15 years, his 14th as the GM. He could have resigned if he wanted a change of scenery. If he didn't show knowledge of the game or genuine love for this organization the Giants have had 3 oppurtunities to not re-new his contract. The players have changed so much, and he's had 3 different managers. In case you haven't realized, he is the Giants. I defended him all year. I have complete trust in him and I don't really understand how you can both cheer this team and hate him at the same time. Shouldn't the success make you mad? Don't you want to be right? No no, you guys mainly like to speak emotionally, because you don't understand the constraints of a budget. You don't have the patience to watch how things pan out, taking each individual game as if it is life or death. I hear one caller on KNBR saying the Giants are awful and Sabean stinks, then when they win the next day call in and talk about how great they are.

That's the exact reason I started writing this. I don't get paid. I also seem to have a very small audience, but I wanted those who did find this to be able to calm down. When a team is good, they're good. Its just how things go. Teams like the Padres don't usually make the playoffs. What a lucky team they were. Even when teams like that get into the playoffs they are more often than not given an early exit. We are a team built for the playoffs and that's not just conjecture. That's realistic.

Okay, enough lambasting. It's time to be excited. The debate coming into this final week was about who would be the 3rd starter, but who didn't really know it would be Sanchez the whole time? The real question all along has been who would be the 4th starter if necessary. I was leaning towards Zito, but the game on Saturday changed that. Not just for me, but for the organization. There are only two scenarios that involve a game 4 occurring. Either we are down 2-1, or we are up 2-1. If we are up 2-1 then Bumgarner will start. The game will be on the road and if necessary you can run Lincecum out in game 5 at home. If we are down 2-1 then its Lincecum in game 4 and Cain at home. I am actually wondering if Zito will even be on the postseason roster. That sounds strange, but it may very well be true. I honestly don't know if Rowand will either. It's funny how baseball works once winning become the priority. The 2 highest paid guys on the team may be on the bench and ineligible.

Those 2 have no one to blame other than themselves. They were both given lots of oppurtunities to show they could break out. Zito was ran out every 5th day. Rowand was given starts, multiple in a row at times, hoping to snap him out of his funk. Some have said that Zito didn't get much run support and that is true, but for whatever reason, he doesn't win. Right now we need to win and that is all that matters. I would move my 5th starter in nearly every case to the bullpen, but the consensus seems to be that he is no good out of the bullpen. So, sorry "Zeets" (the worst nickname ever). We just can no longer carry your deadweight. Get your zen censored, your core tightened and better luck next year. Rowand...I like him a lot. He cares so much he presses. Even so, gotta go. I would characterize Rowand's chances of making the roster as better than Barry's.

On Friday I will have a new article written from the perspective of someone who was there. I'm not boasting, I'm just really excited. I have been to 2 playoff game in my life. The first was the Giants only loss in the 2002 NLCS. The other was a Kings playoff game where they lost to the Mavericks. I would like to see the team I'm rooting for to win. (Yes, I was way into the Kings during their run. A total fair weather fan, but how long can you let the Warriors dismal seasons make you sick? It was a nice distraction.) I am, if nothing else, very very excited. Let's bring this title home.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com. This column appears every Monday and Friday...for the most part. It will continue through the offseason.)


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