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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: You Familiar with Cakewalks?

Let the Dusting Begin

First place feels good. This is what I have been predicting all year. San Diego would fall and we would catch them. Now its time to fulfill my final prophecy...toss them aside. I said we were gonna take first and then leave everyone in the dust. Watch it unfold. The beautiful thing about baseball is that the season is so long that eventually the cream WILL rise to the top. We are the class of this division, and right now we are primed to prove it.

Yesterday's pounding of the Dodgers was the sounding of an alarm that all of baseball should be aware of. The Giants are here and must be reckoned with. Expect these last two weeks to be very July like. How do I know? It's weird. I can't quantify it, but I can just tell when they are clicking. There is a different feeling behind there at bats. You can see when they are more confident. Don't get fooled by the Dodgers record, yesterday we beat a very good LEFTY! The Giants have not exactly faired too well against southpaws this year. We are rolling.

I hope you guys trust me by now. I've been amazingly accurate this year. When the year ends I'm going to go through where I was right and where I was off. I predicted that Nate Schierholtz would have a breakout season...wrong. I said Pablo would never get hot for a sustained period of time...right. So I'm capable of being wrong. I am also, more importantly, capable of being right. This is about to be a fun ride, I hope you guys brace yourselves for the joy this team is about to bring us. I see a a very 2002 like steam roll into the playoffs. This is a team that is confident, they feel like they can beat anyone. Plus they seem to be truly affectionate for one another. I don't know why so many people say team chemistry is overrated. You don't think you play harder to pick up a friend? The other extreme can work, too. Perhaps its bred from an "I'll show you," type attitude. It's the clique-y teams that suffer.

I really like how when we win we walk off the field so quietly and confident. Like, so what? of course we won. When Heath Bell celebrated so veraciously after the Padres lone victory in the recent series at Petco., I kinda laughed. Partly because of how silly he looked, but mostly because I realized we were a team that people get excited when they beat. That must mean we're pretty good. You think Heath Bell would have celebrated like that against the Dodgers? I don't even think he would celebrate as much against Colorado. For a brief moment he felt like, "see, we are good." Like he was personally shoving it back into Johnathon Sanchez's face. It was a hilarious compliment. Thanks Heath Bell, enjoy the playoffs from your couch.

The Giants have to back up my confidence for another 15 games, but I tell you once again...not a problem. Go ahead, don't believe me, but that's what is so awesome about televised games. We all get to find out together.

Minor Concern: The Rockies can now also use the Dodgers to springboard, but this is an awful road team. We'll see how Colorado holds up over the weekend.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com. This article appears every Monday and Friday...for the most part.)


  1. I'm as happy as you are but how can you have seen this coming all year? Aside from the pitchers, most of the starting line up were playing on a different team in July. Ross, Huff, Posey, Burrell, now Guillen. Sabean finally got a hot streak - who predicted that?

  2. I did. Check out the article "In Defense of Sabes." The offense was bound to be rearranged it happens to most contenders. All I knew was that we have great pitching and two great baseball minds-Sabean and Bochy-in charge.