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I'm here, just a day behind. Yesterday my computer was not being my friend. Actually, that's not fair. The computer was just fine. It was my modem that was the real culprit. Actually, still not fair, it was truly Comcast's fault. Anyway, it's no longer important, I am here today.

Earlier in the year I hated off days. I realize the players occasionally need them, but selfishly I feel robbed of my daily game. That's the best thing about baseball. It's your little buddy that's there for you nearly everyday. Perhaps today's results disappointed you, but there's another chance to feel good just 24 hours away. This off day was different. The Giants needed the rest. They needed a day where they could re-program themselves, rest up and get ready for this last 6 game push. It also finally got rid of this whole .5 game baloney. It seemed like the Padres were 2 games behind us in the schedule for more than half a year. It wasn't until these last 2 Mondays that their schedule finally caught up. It may have also helped that there was a Monday Night Football game for me to watch and fill up the same amount of time that a baseball game would have.

Can I thank the Cubs enough? First, what absolute class shown by Mike Quade. Maybe you didn't know this, but he held Zambrano back in their last series so that he could face the contending Padres. That, my friends, is AWESOME. No matter what happens for the rest of his time in the league, I will always have a place in my baseball heart for Mike Quade. There seems to be some debate as to whom the Cubs are going to place in the managerial position, but with how Quade has had them playing and with the Cub fans calling for it, I wonder what the debate is all about. I would have removed the term interim from him a while ago. Even if they lose the last three games, I don't care. They are already a-okay in my book. I think Dempster may have a bounce back start tonight. That and the fact that the Padres look like they have forgotten how to play at Petco. may play into our favor.

I truly believe that the we are going to sweep the D-Backs. I have absolutely no fear of "jinxing" them, or anything else along those lines. Arizona has made every excuse in the book for why they are not going to run out their best lineup. Well, thank-you very much. I actually feel bad for Arizona. They are definitely caught between a rock and hard place. They do feel a responsibility to compete with us, but on the other side they have had a terrible year. They need to take a look at some of the younger guys to see what they have going into next year. We should be able to identify with that, as we were doing the same thing in 2008. It makes you think, though. Perhaps their best lineup has nothing to do with their regulars. In fact the young kids may be more of a challenge. They will be playing to impress, where as the others would be playing with half their brain already on their fall vacation. The good thing is that the Giants are definitely not looking past this series. They would like nothing more than to make the Padre series obsolete. That way you may see some spot starters and people like Rohlinger and Velez in the lineup, resting the regulars.

Heath Bell has continued to wear his IQ on his chest. His latest comments were about how he hopes both the Giants and Padres win their series' so that the last series is a showdown. I really hope to watch him eat his words. I hope if we do clinch there is a long shot of his sad and disappointed face. I almost hope that in said clinching game he comes in with a lead and blows the save for a walk-off win. There is just something about him that reminds me of the way I used to feel about Eric Gagne. Needless to say I hated his brash attitude. Don't they realize that Mariano Riviera, as well as Trevor Hoffman for many years in San Diego, are/were partially so intimidating because they don't talk. Brian Wilson at times speaks too much for my taste, but he's just testing out material, it seems, for some sort of stand-up comedy career or something. He comes across confident, but not cocky and has never once called out another team. Even when he had every right to be mad at Casey Blake last year, he bit his tongue. He has let his pitching do the talking. He didn't bean Blake. Instead he has retired him every time since then. That, my friends, is the biggest revenge. Life is funny in that way. It likes nothing more than to make you eat your words. Sanchez talked too much and the Padres came in and took 2 out of 3. Just be quiet and take care of business.

Quick note: Jason Giambi swung and missed at a pitch in Sunday's game against the Rockies and immediately grabbed his arm. I jokingly said to my pal, "Well, we just watched his career end." One thing is for sure, I had watched his season end as it was announced today that indeed he will be on the shelf for the remainder. He will then be without a contract going into an offseason where he will be viewed as both old and damaged goods. I hope my comment stays a joke. I really like Jason Giambi and hated when he was outed and made a poster boy for an era where he was nowhere near the only guy to use steroids. I didn't see so much of him after he left to New York, but I liked him when he was with Oakland. I thought he was very colorful and embodied a new A's attitude that has somewhat been kept alive, but not in the same way. Those were some fun teams to watch. Zito, Mulder, Hudson, Chavez, Tejada, etc. Plus I have been rooting for a Bay Bridge Series rematch since the day after Game 4 in 1989. So, if this is it, so long Mr. Giambi. Get into tv where a personality like yours belongs.

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