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Power at Petco. to be Relished

Alright! Way to make a statement! We came to play and now we can shove it right up the Padres'...Okay. Calm down. It's just 1 game. All year I have been the one to gently talk you off the ledge and tell you that its just one loss and in the grand scheme of things we were not going to go 162-0. I have said at least a half dozen times that it's a long season. Well now I have to reverse things a little. It's just 1 win. The season seems to contradict itself at the end. It always feels like it's both too early and too late. If we sweep this series and take a 2 game lead then we have to fend them off for another 18 games. If they take the next 3 then we are 4 back with only 18 left to play. It's the balance that becomes the art. Baseball is all about getting your wins at the right moment. The best way to do that is to go out and win your games. Don't worry about who you're playing or what other teams are doing. Just keep winning.

The game last night did say one thing for sure:

It's On.

The Giants came in last night and let the Padres know they mean business. You no longer own us. This is a Giants team that is coming in hot and that makes a difference. Hudson really did pitch well in the series finale in Arizona. When someone is pitching well there is nothing you can do about it. Good pitching will ALWAYS beat good hitting. That's what makes the Padres so scary. You never know when 1 of their guys is going to spin a masterpiece. Yesterday was a bit of a fluke I feel and the rest of this series will be about scratching out runs. 4 homers is a rare feat at Petco. and it should be savored, but not expected. We posess the antidote to being pitched well. We have the ability to pitch even better. This series is now squarely planted on the shoulders of Johnathon Sanchez. He said some silly things and now he is getting another chance to back them up. If he can beat these Padres tonight then a sweep starts becoming a very real possibility, as Bumgarner and Lincecum have just started hitting grooves and I expect them to go on a dominant stretch. I also have a sneaking suspicion that we are going to light up Mat Latos. His being pushed back is a sign of fatigue. Maybe he then went out and dominated the Dodgers, but the Dodgers are reelin'. We on the other hand are not. Think about it, have we not been scuffling heading into every single Padre series this year? The tide has started to turn.

I love that when you play the team you are right behind you no longer have to follow their score and curse the team they are beating. They're right there in front of you and if you lose you only have your own team to curse. Everything is in your own hands. It's so important to win as much as we can. The Padres are not going to be the same the rest of this year and as long as we keep winning the Padres will basically hand us the division. If we keep a good pace the last series of the year won't even matter. I've said the whole year that we are going to the playoffs. Even in the article I wrote 6 games into our season long 7 game losing streak. (Go ahead, check.) I have never lost the faith and I haven't lost it now. I said too that the Padres would falter and many think that has come true, but I promise you have not even began to see the eventual collapse. In fact, I am WAY more fearful of the Rockies. How do they keep doing this every year? It's almost like they're not even interested in baseball until September comes around. Still, they have their problems. Most of this recent surge has been done by Colorado at home. They are a terrible road team a la the Blake Street Bombers. Of course if we keep winning ourselves it won't matter...

The time to say the season is long is over. Every loss right now is magnified. Winning is the only solution. If you don't win now then you won't earn, nor would you deserve, a playoff spot. The playoffs aren't handed to you. You gotta earn 'em.

(please feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com. This article appears every Monday and Friday...for the most part.)


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