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The Realistic Giants Fan: Down the Stretch They Come

Coors Series Could Make or Break Rockies

Okay...is the offense going to wake up now? It's great that we dropped a 13 ball on the Cubbies, but we seemingly got cooking earlier in this month and then went right back to bed. Yet, despite our September woes, we have won 13 of the 20 games this month. We are so dangerous right now. Our pitching has shut it down. Do you realize that we haven't given up more than 3 runs in the last 17 games? No big deal, just a Major League record. If our offense does get it going then we will be unstoppable. It will be in the bag. I kinda think it is anyway, but that will all but seal the deal. It's funny, but if we can keep scratching wins for a couple more days, I would actually feel better. I don't want the offense to get hot until right before the playoffs. I want a good steam roll going against the Padres and ride the wave.

Of course if they start now and keep it going I won't complain. This series could be a nice springboard, as Colorado - humidor or not - is still a launching pad. This series is huge, not just because we may get our hitters going, but also because we could end the Rockies playoff hopes with a sweep. Not just theoretically either. I mean the hard stuff, as in mathematically. Plus, it could be a great oppurtunity to pick up some ground on the Padres who will be playing a very determined Reds team trying to clinch a division. Not that it will be easy as we are going to be facing Tulowitzky and the boys and they will be fighting to stay alive. It should be a weekend of highly intensive baseball. I don't know about you guys but I have my seatbelt buckled.

I don't even know what to say anymore. I've analyzed a zillion things so far this year, but now all that poop doesn't matter. It's been broken down to an old Al Davis standby. Just Win Baby. There really is nothing else to say. Whatever it takes, every game...just win. I like the make-up of this team and I trust in their focus. To a man in that clubhouse they want to make it to the playoffs. None more than anyone else. Not to mention that if we get into these playoffs we will scare the bejeezus out of whoever faces us. Would you really want to face Lincecum, Sanchez, Cain? (That would be my best guess for how Boch will line us up. Either Bumgarner or Zito is gonna go to the bullpen...which is beyond my best guess, although I personally would lean towards starting Zito. He's a vet and he has been there before. Bumgarner will get his chance one day.)

Last thing...have you checked the internet and seen how many people are giving Heyward the edge for ROY? They all point to the fact that he has played a full season. That is just an excuse to vote for him, as for some reason they just don't want to recognize Buster's talent. His numbers are on par with Heyward's, despite less time. Since they don't watch him they don't realize it has nothing to do with the league not having time to figure him out. If he had started the year as our starting catcher his numbers would MURDER those of Heyward. Also, they point to the fact that he can't pull the ball! How nuts is that? He looks to go the other way and waits on pitches so as to not get fooled on change-ups. Something these so called "baseball experts" should realize. I tell you what, though, Willie Mays sees it. He talked about it last night in his sometimes painful interview with Greg Papa and John Shea on last night's Chronicle Live. (I wish they had left out the steroid/Barry questions. This is his godson we're talkin' about here. You think he wasn't going to defend him, or give you any reason to not put him in the Hall of Fame? They also set him up to look senile when they asked him about possible collusion by other teams in 2008 to not sign Barry.) I think Heyward is a great talent and he may realize the potential that people like Eric Davis and Darryl Strawberry never reached. That being said, Posey is a godsend. A hard working player with all the talent to match - and he's a catcher. Heyward will be great, but if Posey stays healthy we are probably talking about a hall of famer. Heyward is tall, with holes in his swing. He's patient, but its just a matter of time 'til that gets exploited. Go ahead, walk a bunch. Not one guy walked into the hall of fame. Posey is one of the most solid hitters I've seen in years and in case you haven't picked up yet, I watch a TON of baseball.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com. This column appears every Monday and Friday...for the most part.)


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