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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: Whiteside-Sanchez Work Magic

If You're Gonna Win One, Win the Last

There's an amazing pitcher inside of Johnathon Sanchez and in moments of brilliance he lets him out. Yesterday shows why so many other teams were interested in Sanchez before the deadline and, more poignantly, why the front office was so keen on keeping him. Perhaps there is more to be said for the whole personal catcher issue, seeing as this renaissance occurred with Eli Whiteside as his battery mate. Look for that to stand out in Bochy's mind.

Getting Whiteside in their occasionally doesn't actually hurt anything. Yesterday it allowed Huff a much needed day off and could allow Bochy to rotate days off every 5th day. There are only 8 runs of the rotation left in the season and if you worked in a rotating day off amongst Burrell, Huff and Guillen it would do the team a world of good. The Giants also have a few days off in September, so working in key days of rest mixed in with the scheduled ones can keep us mostly refreshed. September is the month where we are the most primed to make a move, so we need to be firing on all cylinders.

We usually do well against St. Louis, even when we visit their park, so we have a chance coming into this series. It sure helped winning the last game of the Philadelphia series. It's important to leave a town with a good taste in your mouth. This game is entirely about momentum and despite losing the series we left town with a decent amount. Guys like Westbrook scare me, though. He is just the type of no-name who shuts us down. Then tomorrow we have the ever less reliable Timmy marching out to the hill, so this series will be no breeze, but it doesn't feel as bleak as it was feeling coming into Tuesday.

I'm still feeling positive overall. Our schedule lightens up in September, so we just have to keep repectable for these last 10 days of this month. It is, unfortunately, going to come down to playing well against San Diego, but we will deal with that when it comes. Those 7 games loom over our season more heavily than anything else. The Padres, however, have caught us at bad times. Think about it, we have been playing poorly coming into each Padre series so far this year. They haven't started any of our tailspins. This last time we had just beaten the Cubs in 3 of 4, but anyone who watched that series realized that we came real close to losing 3 out of 4 instead. Just once I'd like to hit the Padres while we're hot. In September there's a chance that happens and coincides with them playing poorly. Timing is everything.

Til Monday.

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