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Take That, LA

Wow. I can't think of a better word and believe me, I tried. I don't even know where to start. I guess I should start at the beginning.

Friday night I sat in the bleachers and if you wanna know where the rivalry is the most alive, you need to take in a Giants-Dodgers game in the bleachers. The two teams respective fans are still at each other's throats. My friend and I spent nearly the whole game giving it and taking it to and from Dodger fans. One tried to make fun of me for keeping score. I asked if I should not pay attention and leave in the 7th. I then apologized for being such a huge fan that I wanted to know exactly what was going in the game. I realize that's a foreign concept in LaLa land. The best, which I am personally very proud of, was when someone tried to throw '88 in our face. My friend snapped that was over 20 years ago. Then I shot back with a line that got all the Giants fans around us hootin'. "Yeah," I said, "plus LaSorda didn't start Scioscia or Gibson." It was awesome and totally reminded me of the old days at the 'Stick.

We had plenty to cheer on Friday night. They scored the most runs in the series in that game. It was close as to which reaction was louder between the the Huff double and the Huff Homer. The place was ROCKIN'. The best part was that Dodger fans started getting real quiet after the first Giants runs, all the way 'til the disastrous ninth. It was that mini-meltdown that had me kinda wishin' that I had gone on Saturday. Thank Chris Ray for wiggling out of it. (Who'd we trade for him again? Oh yeah MOLINA. We hosed the Rangers on that one) In Friday night's game after the last out it was more like a collective, "phew". After Saturday's game I'm sure people left a little more elated. It's a minor wish, though, as I enjoyed myself immensely.

Now let's get to Saturday. Its funny that the whole thing happened after I had seen so many comments in the morning from people bashing Burrell and including him in their lists of bad moves by Bochy. There was even a guy trying to use stats to prove that Schierholtz was the right choice in right, and Huff should be moved to left. He compared Schierholtz numbers in at-bats, hits, total bases, walks and strikeouts. Even these stats backfired as Burrell had 67 less at-bats, and a hit total that would project to pass Schierholtz. (It currently stood at 43 to 28 as he wrote it. You don't think Burell would get 15 more hits in 67 more at-bats? That's just a .224 average.) The total bases were at 66 to 46, which also projects in the same amount of at-bats he would pass Schierholtz. In those 67 less at-bats Burrell had walked more. He also had struck out once more in less at-bats, but outs are outs. It's not like Schierholtz is making a load of productive outs, moving runners to 2nd. Stats, when manipulated, can prove any point, but this guy couldn't even handle that. He also left out some important stats. Burrell is crushing Schierholtz in both OBP. and in slugging, leading him in OPS. .833 to .680. Burrell, who still stands at 67 less at-bats than Schierholtz, has more RBI and HRs than Schierholtz. Burrell should play over Schierholtz in any realm, and it's not even close. (To see this idiot's post go to csnbayarea.com and pick Giants Central from the message board. It is under the heading, "Add More Hitting Without a Trade." My comment, under my KNBR/CSN nickname "pocketaces", is the last post.)

Burrell's homerun on Saturday lifted me out of my seat. I actually screamed "way back there!" while the ball was flying through the air. It was just about the most exciting homerun since Santiago's three run jack in the 2002 NLCS. I'm afraid I didn't find Bonds 756th that exciting. When the team isn't winning I could care less about individual achievements. I only wish the game had been on CSN instead of FOX, although Kenny Albert's call was fine and certainly better than Chris Rose' call would've been, because I would've loved to hear Kuiper make the call. After the game while listening to the postgame show I got to hear Miller's call, which was great. I do have to give the radio one thing. The mic that picks up the crowd is louder than what you hear on tv. I was able to hear the crowd fine on the television feed, but on the radio you could tell that the crowd had lost its mind.

Speaking of losing one's mind, did anyone see Aubrey Huff in the dugout after the Burrell homer? I believe he told Hensley Muellens that he was going to F--- him up. I can only figure he was talking about slapping him for hitting the homer. It was a great moment for why this may be my favorite team of all-time. These guys love each other. When Pablo came back I saw Zito give him a peck on the cheek. After Lincecum's last outing he gave Posey a big hug in the dugout. Yesterday, when interiewed, Renteria said he just wanted to do anything he could to get Cain his 1st win against the Dodgers. Just the fact that the rest of the team was aware of that, I mean guys that weren't even here for some of the 8 losses, says a ton. There is a huge debate as to whether winning breeds chemistry, or vice-versa. I don't know the answer, but one has definitely begat the other.

I am fine with the Giants being quiet around the deadline. People just wanted too much for a big bat, and I think it takes a lot of courage to not make a knee-jerk move simply to appease the fans. Sabean knows this will draw the ire of the fans and, quite obviously, he doesn't care. Good for him. He did help the bullpen, so he is trying to tweak things. Personally I think he is owed a huge apology, but I'm not holding my breath. Let the record show, and there are archived articles to prove it, that this column has stood behind Sabean the entire year. Also, for those who wanted to give up on Sanchez - me included at times -, he must be something we should hang on to. Otherwise, why would so many teams be willing to give up a bunch for him?

May I also say thank-you to the Marlins for staying hot enough to beat the Padres in 2 out of 3? It totally makes up for them splitting with us in the previous series.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com. This column appears every Monday and Friday...for the most part)


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