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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: Some losses, a Move and the Gaps

Ground Attack Needed

Right now would probably be a bad spot to start another slide, and the last two games haven't shown us much promise. I'm not getting too emotional about this, overblowing a two game skid, as I still have lots of confidence in this team. You can go ahead and chalk up Wednesday to Ubaldo Jimenez. It seems that he has regained his poise on his way to what is looking like the easiest Cy Young Award win in years. Earlier I said that Ubaldo is effectively wild and he would take a tumble. Well I take it all back. He is the real deal with some of the nastiest stuff I've EVER seen. Late movement combined with 98 mph equals devastating. I'm glad we got to be one of the few to rough him up this year.

Yesterday's game was a different story. Sure, Jurrjens pitched fine and Timmy struggled, but the offense had plenty of oppurtunities and instead took a nap. There was a fine play defensively by Jurrjens to spoil a rather decent sacrifice attempt by Timmy, but that was just one inning. The Giants had plenty of men in scoring position throughout the night. Once Jurrjens came out of the game the Braves showed you what a shutdown bullpen should look like. In the bullpen department you definitely have to say advantage Braves. Venters looks to be having one of those years where all his stuff is working. Jeremy Affeldt knows what years like that are all about. We are capable of scoring runs, which meant the biggest problem was in the bullpen. I like our deadline moves and so far I am quite pleased with Javier Lopez. I don't know what it is but I just really trust that side arm lefties will get the job done.

I am behind another move and its one that I was really behind all the way back in spring training. We have a bit of a dead spot in the outfield. Last night's lineup was almost perfect as I would have Ishikawa play 1st and have Huff play in right, but Rowand is hitting a little better these days. Even so, we should sign Jermaine Dye. He should be pretty well rested and after minor struggles in August, which will be like his spring training, he would probably get cookin' in September. He also will be quite motivated as it has probably been both embarrassing and humbling to have received no preseason offers. He wants to show everyone that they are wrong. We could use him in the same fashion as we use Burrell, not necessarily playing everyday, just most days. Plus, unlike most waiver claims - and certainly in waiver claims that involve anyone worth the slightest bit of salt - all this will cost is money. Easy for me to say, since I don't control the money, but hey, we're trying to win here.

The Braves are pretty tough at home, so a split in this series will be quite respectable. I'm beginning to realize more and more how big gaps really effect offense, especially if you have a speedy outfield. I haven't seen any recent numbers, but I would venture to say that it may be tougher to hit at Turner Field than even at AT&T. It may be time to switch to a little small ball, which despite our general lack of power we are actually terrible at. Still, the "ground attack" gets working sometimes and we need it now. I actually really enjoy those kind of wins. The 4 run 1st we had against Colorado on 6 singles was a blast to watch. I like scoring a bunch of runs on a pitcher that isn't giving up barrel shot liners. It must mess with their heads.

Keep the faith my friends.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com. This column appears every Monday and Friday...for the most part)

1 comment:

  1. I was with you and tried to be a hater on Jimenez, but the guy is for real. Yes he is going to walk away with the Cy Young, that guy down in Florida isn't bad either though.