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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: Will the Giants Have a Hart?

Still Crushin' the Central

I write you on a Wednesday this week, as Monday was basically a holiday, and Friday I will be out of town. So where do we start?

I guess I gave you too sunny an outlook on Friday, as Timmy again struggled. It just goes to show you how good he is, though. It has not been happening for him all year, and yet his numbers look impressive to those who haven't seen him. Some people in life are just winners. He is the ace, and he has the best record of any of the starters. That has been with him facing mainly other number ones. Could we just be so used to him being lights out that we expect nothing less? Perhaps. I however am making no more predictions. Timmy has proved me wrong every time I have expected him do well this year, so I will just not say anything. Timmy Win Day no longer feels like the sureshot it used to be.

How about that Aubrey Huff, huh? At the beginning of the year he was trashed for his supposedly weak defense. Of course he didn't help himself by dropping the first throw of spring training, but that has proved to be a false alarm. He also has a ton more speed than I thought he did. Do not read that wrong, he is not exactly a speed demon, just a bunch faster than I thought he would be. Then everyone freaked out about moving him to the outfield. I say he has done a fine job. None of that has been nearly as impressive, though, as his hitting. He is the best hitter on our team as it is currently assembled. People told me before the season that Huff was done. It was a terrible signing, and Sabean got fooled again by another "old man". I doubt many are saying that now. He is on pace to become the first 30 homerun hitter we've had since 2004. Never underestimate the draining power of losing. That's why he had an off year last season, he was tired of losing. Then he gets traded to Detroit and gets less than ample playing time. It seemed that the Detroit GM was more into Huff than Jim Leyland was.

Speaking of Sabean, can we get him a little praise? The message boards are full of people rejoicing over Molina being dealt, but not one of them says great job, Sabes. Do you guys realize that he turned a pretty worthless overpaid piece into a decent reliever. Matt Treanor must have been having some serious problems, beyond the fact that most people have only seen his wife 4/5 naked. Not that she is some real treat. Sabean turned nothing into something. Chris Ray has impressed me so far, but as long as he doesn't hold us back he's already ahead of the curve.

Are we still a playoff team? I think we are certainly capable, but if we don't start beating our own division we will be left behind. I realize that's not exactly mind blowing analysis, but it's so true. This could be the second year in a row that poor play against the Padres could be our undoing. The 0-6 start against them last year was the difference. This year we are 1-7, and I fear that we will not be able to make that up. I'm not much for declaring seasons over after 83 games, but it does look pretty bleak, I'll be honest with you. However, as I've said, if this team can ever just once fire on all cylinders they can easily rattle off 10 in a row.

Loved that lineup on Tuesday. Not a Rowand, Molina or Renteria in sight. Of course Molina wasn't there, but I still half expect Bochy to pencil him in anyway. To the two of you who emailed me earlier this season about Ishikawa, I told you I liked him. He was scalding off the bench, and unless we get Corey Hart, I think he has put a pretty good grip on the starting 1st Baseman's job. Obviously if we do pick up Hart Huff will be moved to first and right field will be occupied by Hart. Ishikawa I think would still get some playing time, as Huff would play left field when Burrell needs a blow. Rowand too will get in there at times, and I think everybody needs to lay off him (Rowand). That man is grinding so hard right now, and he needs a relief of pressure. I know they say they don't but Rowand strikes me as a guy who reads the stuff on the internet and in the papers which just makes him try harder. I think we have seen that doesn't work for him. He needs to relax, so be nice to him.

Lastly, will we get Corey Hart? I don't know, and neither does anyone else but the Brewers and Giants respective front offices. No matter what "the inside source" for their blogs have told them. I try very hard not to speculate or just throw out names. Sure, I'd love to have some super power hitting big name, but not everyone is available. In fact some of the trades people dream up are so ludicrous that they make them look like idiots. Emmanuel Burris and John Bowker for Prince Fielder? Are you flippin' serious? Fielder would cost MARQUIS pitching. For some reason despite currently having a better year it seems like the Brewers are willing to accept less for Hart. What? I don't know. Oh and to those of you who say he isn't a legitimate homerun threat, and he is just aided by that yard, you're dumb. Hart is a legitimate homerun threat, not "the next Rowand" as I've seen it so eloquently put. Take a look at some stats since there available everywhere on the internet. He hits just as many on the road as he does at Miller Park, and not just this year, but for a few years running. He is 28 and just hitting his prime. I want me some Corey Hart, and if you don't you're crazy.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com)


  1. I think if the Brewers are really going to settle for a limited payback for Hart we should pull the trigger ASAP. In the post steroid era Hart has the physical tools to be a prototypical slugger with his athletic gifts. As you mentioned he is just coming into his prime years so he should be getting just a little stronger naturally and I hear he has corrected poor vision so that shouldn't be a problem going forward. Corner outfielders with power are so scare these days, if you ask me the Brewers should be asking for marquise pitching for him as well.

  2. RGF,

    I liked your latest blog a lot, but I have to disagree about Corey Hart. Look at his career stats in NL West ballparks -- .741 career OPS, versus .832 in NL Central ballparks. He has hit 3 (count them, 3) home runs in 187 at-bats in the West. The Giants need somebody who can do better than that. And before you say that it is just tough to hit in the West, consider that Aubrey Huff's career OPS in NL West ballparks is .892. 15 home runs in 273 at bats. Not too shabby.

    I agree with you on the whole Huff issue. I was really down on the guy early in the season, but I wasn't 100% sure whether he was done or reclaimable. Same with Pat the Bat.

    Anyway, liked your blog, keep blogging.

    rick schell (rick@onset.com)

  3. 16-4

    5-1 so far

    11-3 to go.