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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: Some All-Star Break Musings

A Story of Restored Faith and Terrible Announcers

Wow, how did the Giants pull that off? After the Colorado series the Giants did exactly what they needed to do. They had to sweep one of the series and win the other. I realize they were playing the likes of Milwaukee and Washington but still sweeping someone is hard to do. Before the 17 game stretch that has led us to this all-star break I said 9-8 would be great and 8-9 would be acceptable. The first half is about survival, the second half is the push. I must say after a 7 game losing streak the chances looked pretty bleak. One more loss would have been a real downer. 46-42 doesn't sound so good, for some reason just a one game swing seems to make a world of difference. Especially with San Diego winning yesterday. That kept us at 4 games back.

I am smitten with Buster Posey. It is so awesome when kids come up and live up to the hype. That's now 3 in recent years. Lincecum of course was the first, and now 3 years later we get 2 in Posey and Bumgarner. Lemme say this for Bumgarner, he GOBBLES innings, and has made our rotation capable of putting true fear into any team no matter where they catch us in it. Certainly seeing Cain, Sanchez and Bumgarner as the series probables heading into a 3 gamer with the Giants doesn't sound like easy breezy weekend. Now it seems that some sort of offensive collection has been made. Of course it will go south again before the end of the year, but hopefully for not as long of a stretch as we just witnessed. I must say in the middle of it all it kinda felt like they would never win another game for the rest of the season. It is quite difficult to stay positive and realistic through times like those.

Ishikawa! His grand slam against Ubaldo Jimenez last week felt like a huge release of pressure. You could even hear it in Kuip's voice. When he said "high drive to right," you could tell he said it with a lot of caution. It did seem like everything they hit to the wall was dying before it got there. Not to mention that everything they hit shallower was being caught, sometimes ridiculously. I saw more spectacular plays against us clumped together than I could remember. Then came a slightly less cautious "Spilborgh's back," and finally yelling, "at the wall!!". I knew exactly how he was feeling. Some people, even our own fans, complain about them being too big of homers. I love that they are. I need someone who is angry and frustrated when I am, and gets just as excited. If you can afford it get the package, then listen to other teams' announcers. You'll realize we are spoiled. The league is full of fake emotion driven play by play men, and uninteresting analysts. I like Vin Scully a lot. I know he works for the enemy, but he reminds me of being little. If you are too young to remember, Vinny used to announce the game of the week, back when it truly was the game of the week. If the Reds were playing the Phillies that week, then the whole country was seeing Reds and Phillies, none of this regional coverage. I'm glad that ESPN Sunday Night Baseball is still operated this way.

Others that are alright include Glen and Ray across the Bay. (Wow I was a poet and wasn't aware of the fact.) I also like Baltimore's Gary Thorne. I'm really digging Dick Enberg working for the Padres, and Steve Stone, who is now on the Southside working with the absolutely abysmal "Hawk" Harrelson. Harrelson is truly one of the most annoying play by play men around. I may like Steve Stone simply because I remember him and Harry Caray. I watched a lot of Cubs' and Braves' games when I was little simply because they were on nearly everyday. Thom Brennaman drives me insane. Steve Physiok is okay, but he works with Steve Lyons who is the worst. My opinion may be suspect to some of you, as I actually am one of the seemingly few who enjoy Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Anyone else willing to admit that?

That does remind me that I saw the John Miller tribute yesterday, and I personally don't think he came off very well. He seemed slightly arrogant about his travels, and must have mentioned at least 3 times that he was in Columbia when he got the call. It sure doesn't affect his announcing, though, as he is definitely one of the best in the game and totally deserves induction into the hall of fame. The best part of that show yesterday, to me, was the call of Kenny Lofton's hit to win the 2002 NLCS, and it wasn't John's part. Right as David Bell was sliding into home you hear Kuiper scream, "IT'S OVER!!" and Krukow yells, "WE'RE GOIN'!", and it is so real. Some said it was unprofessional, but I don't think they could help it. It sums up to me why I love them.

I must agree with Aubrey Huff, though I am not a huge fan of the terminology he used. The All-Star Game voting needs to be taken away from the fans. Most of us can't be trusted to make a good decision, and most seemingly don't even pay attention to stats. How is Ryan Zimmerman not on this team? Either that or they need to quit basing homefield advantage on the outcome. You can't have it both ways. Either you make it a full blown poularity contest, or you take it seriously. That being said, I will obviously be watching, as well as the Derby tonight and as I have done every year since I can remember, I will be emotionally invested in the game and rooting very hard for the National League.

The first half has come to a close, but we have only just begun. I'm getting ready for all that a tight race can bring us. You should go ahead and buckle that seatbelt yourself.

P.S. I answered some emails yesterday and today and some were pretty old, and I am sorry. But please, keep sending them. I will answer them all.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com)

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  1. I would say we are getting spoiled with the prospects working out, that just doesn't happen that often for most teams. Hopefully this continues, and if it does we are going to be sitting pretty for a while.