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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: Podsednik, and a Big Series

Sometimes Just One Man Can Beat You

Yesterday's game was tough, but before you run to comment boxes and start whining about how our offense stinks remember that sometimes good pitching just wins. I'm sure the Marlins and many fans figured that Josh Johnson would be the author of such a masterpiece, but that's baseball. That is not to say that Anibal Sanchez is some kind of slouch. He threw a no-hitter back in 2007, so this is a guy who is capable of shutting people down. Kinda like Johnathon Sanchez. You never know when Johnathon will find that slot and have a good game, but when he does it can be pure magic.

It must also be remembered that the Marlins came in hotter than any other team this side of ourselves and we split. Plus we beat Josh Johnson, which is nothing to sneeze at. Our track record against good pitchers is quite amazing. We beat Roy Halladay, Ubaldo Jimenez (whom we slapped 7 earnies on) and now Johnson. It's been said by others than me that when you face a good pitcher you enter with a plan. It doesn't seem to work for other teams, but for some reason we pull it off. It's something that collectively we should be proud of. Our line-up is full of good hitters. Maybe they don't have all the power we would desire, but they are good hitters. Every last one has a bit of a track record, and many have been around for a while. People complain about Renteria, but honestly these days I have more faith in his at-bats than Pablo's. This team will be fine if they stand pat through the deadline, though I am pretty sure a move is still on the horizon.

Another thing about beating good pitching. Perhaps the next time we face Mat Latos we will have a better idea of what he is doing. Remember, at the beginning of the year he was an unknown and you know how the Giants do against guys they've never seen. Now we can enter that game with a plan. For this team that does wonders. Once when asked who the best pitcher he ever faced was Willie Mays said, "Anyone I haven't seen before." In this day and age the players have loads of video to comb through, but sometimes I think that can be a hinderance. Maybe they see his tendencies, or even see him face a hitter with a similar style as they have, but nothing beats live experience. Perhaps you can be so caught up in what you think he is supposed to be doing that you pay no attention to what he's actually doing. Video probably works better when it's video of you personally facing him. However you slice it the Giants do better the more they've seen a guy and for some reason this year if he's great, we'll beat him. That could pose well for the playoffs, where most pitchers we face will be good. Perhaps at that time we may have to add Carpenter and Wainwright to the list.

The Dodgers got Podsednik and they needed him, which is the main reason I wish we had got him. With their injuries in the outfield to Manny Ramirez (Remember when everyone was whining that we should sign him? I got into it with Damon Bruce about how I didn't want him. Damon told me if I didn't want him I was crazy. Well, ahem, who's crazy now?) and Reed Johnson they were hurting. By picking him up, if nothing else, we would have denied them getting him and effectively ended their season, which is pretty close to over anyway. That's not all as I also think he would have helped. If we stuck him in right then we could have Torres in center and Burrell in left, moving Huff to 1st base, Sandoval back to 3rd, Uribe to shortstop, and Rowand off the field. It also would lower Renteria's playing time. When you needed to get Burrell some rest then you can start Renteria, move Uribe back to 3rd, and have the Panda play 1st. If you need to give Posey a blow behind the plate then move him to 1st, Sandoval back to 3rd, Huff to Left, again making the odd-men out Renteria and Rowand. Think about how strong our bench would have been if we removed the need to have a minor leaguer as the 25th man. Velez and Rohlinger seem like good enough guys, but that's what they are. Minor Leaguers. It would also put Ishikawa back on the bench where he was so vital through the 1st half of the season. Personally I wish they would bench Pablo on the aforementioned days he would be moved to 1st, but I get why they won't. Quite a bit of money has been spent advertising this whole Panda nonsense, next to nothing has been spent on Ishikawa.

This is a big series we have coming up here, and the Dodgers offense has gone to sleep as they only scored 5 runs in their entire series with the Padres. It was at Petco., where homers go to die, but that shouldn't matter much. Our park is no picnic to hit in either. Still, you never know. Sometimes when everything in baseball points to something supposedly obvious, baseball will throw you a curveball. Lincecum has been struggling in his last 2 starts, so perhaps that points to a good start, but as I said a couple articles ago, I'm done predicting what Timmy will do. I sit here right now with no clue.

Well, I'm going, unless it's sold out. I haven't checked the website yet, so I have no clue. I doubt it though, as usually games become sold out via the windows in front of the park just a few hours or less before gametime. Even so, for the most part, a sellout isn't really a sellout. It's a figure they must hit before they can declare it a sellout, most times seats are still available. Also, there's always Stub-Hub, but I shudder to think what those might cost. Or who knows? Maybe it's cheaper. I've never used them before. Either way, whether I'm there or not, this is a HUGE series. Not just because of the Western Division implications, but because it's the stinkin' Dodgers. I have a few friends from the darkside and they have been givin' it to me all year. For the most part I have had nothing to say back. Give me something to say back to them. Maybe it's only us fans who take this rivalry seriously, but even if that's true the players must realize this is a big intra-division series.

Last thing I'll leave you with. One of those aforementioned friends said we should go to one of these games together. I asked him if he would be wearing Dodger gear and he said, "Of course."

"Well," I said, "then I can't go with you. I ain't gettin' caught dead sitting next to a Dodger fan. Especially one I brought." That should sum it up.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com. This column appears every Monday and Friday...for the most part.)

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  1. Nice thoughts on being able to beat solid pitching, that is the type of team that is dangerous in the post-season. Have fun at the game,Stubhub isn't so bad and is sometimes a good option for tickets.