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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: Boch and Sabes Jobs Pretty Safe

Bad Times, but Still Feeling Sane.

We've lost 6 in a row. Our pitching is going through a rough patch, and our hitters aren't hitting. We are systematically breaking at the seams and blowing it on what could be the most important stretch of the year. We have now lost 4 straight in the division. The only thing that has gone somewhat right is that the Padres have dropped 3 out of the last 4. Hopefully this is beginning their downward spiral. This team when not pitching will not win. Combined with the lack of offensive output it just becomes painful to watch. You know we are gonna give up some runs, and you know the offense is not going to come back. We've lost a lot of tight games, but seemingly in all of them we knew early that another loss was coming.

So why do I feel so positive? I realize the easy answer is because the bane of my fan existence has been sent away to Texas, but we lost last night so it obviously didn't change much. No, it's more than that. I saw some life last night. I felt a little confidence in the guys, and I couldn't tell you why. My faith in this team has been restored. I realize this is odd coming off a 6th straight loss, and I am at a loss to explain it. Perhaps you share my views, and perhaps you don't, but if you like this article and trust me in anyway I'm telling you, this team is going to be alright.

One way to look at it is that everything is going south at once, and now the bullpen has joined the party. This could be an indication that everyone will get hot together. That is what I sternly believe in. This is a group of guys who have been thrown together in this lineup and it takes time for everyone to stop trying to be the current hero and define their roles a little more. When that clicks, and the pitching starts rolling, this is a team that is more than capable of rattling off 10 wins in a row. I have the strongest feeling that it begins tonight. Big Time Timmy Jim Jam is going to reign it in, and give you one of those performances you remember. Even with a loss today and another in Milwaukee he has a secured spot on the all-star team, but he will still make a push. He has bottomed out, and though he would never admit it, I think he had lost confidence in Bengie. Does that really make a difference? I saw him in his last two starts shaking off a little more in the beginning, then shaking less as the game progressed. This could have been them getting more in sync as the game went on, or, I suspect, it was a pitcher getting so frustrated with shaking off that he finally just went with what was being called. Bengie's framework wasn't the best either. Pitches in the strikezone were pulling his hand off the plate and he was freezing it off target. This is not necessarily his fault. I know I have ragged on him all year, but his hand does hurt and this is a professional we're talking about here. His pride wanted him to run out there as often as he could.

I also scoff at the notion that he wasn't giving his best effort. That is pure baloney. I saw a guy who was busting his butt and getting frustrated with himself. The people who wrote that he wasn't putting in any effort while running, you're wrong. That was just what full speed Bengie had become. He was breaking down, not selling out. As much as I despised his presence on this team, I never once questioned his effort. It took everything in him to stink that bad. I can only imagine how poor his numbers would be if he had given up.

The comment boxes of other more official blogs are filled with people wanting Bochy and Sabean's heads. To start I think both are doing fine. Sabean has not exactly been sitting on his hands the last couple years. A couple of his signings haven't worked out, but this is not a science. It's a tough job. Then people just throw names out there. Salty "the Biggest Idiot in the World" Balty said we should go get Ichiro. Is lead-off really where we are suffering? Besides, you have to in the least look at people's contracts to see if it's even viable. Ichiro arrived here old, and he just keeps getting older. Yet he has two years after this on his contract and is owed something in the neighborhood of 42 million. Getting older and being owed a load is a bad combo. Someone asked me what I thought about the Giants going after Mike Lowell. Seriously, Mike Lowell? What will he do other than flounder at AT&T just like Rowand and Garko, and De Rosa would have if he didn't get hurt? Right handed hitters with opposite field power don't work out too well in our ballpark. Another idea that gets floated around like it's only a matter of picking a guy up from the bus station is Prince Fielder. Really? Look at his numbers this year, and that's in a hitters park. You people already complain about Pablo's weight, and I just feel more frustration would be headed our way if we picked up this 2nd generation fatso who seems to be declining even faster than his old man did.

Fielder would also cost too much, but people just like to complain. 3 years ago a HUGE complaint was that Sabean destroyed our farm system. Now he is trying to hold on to prospects, and everyone is pleading for him to give them away in an attempt to win. Well people, that's what was going on before and you bitched about it. I heard someone say the other day we should replace Bochy with Piniella. Well usually someone has to be out of a job before you can hire him as I can't imagine the Cubs just giving him to us because we asked nicely. Besides that, look at what is happening in Chicago. Loads of talent, loads of losses. Yeller and screamer managers are no longer effective in this day where the player more often than not makes more than the manager. The Cubs should have never fired Dusty, and now we should take his now worthless replacement?

I am not one of those asking for Boch's release, but even if we did, excuse me, Bob Brenly is the obvious choice. I mean, come on, Piniella? It's a moot point, though. This current ownership is not fond of firing people. Roger Craig, Bob Quinn, Dusty Baker and Felipe Alou were all let go when their contracts expired and shown the door in a non renewal fashion. So for better or worse Bochy and Sabean will at least be here through next year, I'd bet quite a bit on that, and I don't take bets lightly. Quit wasting your time and energy calling for their jobs. The team doesn't listen to what we want, they have made it very clear they do what they want. So really that's all it is - wasted energy.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the game tonight. We got this one.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com)

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on the bane of your existence leaving, it was a while coming. I would agree that those expecting a front office shakeup are going to be disappointed and rightly so. I don't want to get the Prince but I think you were a little harsh on him, he has talent and desire to spare but is also a bit of a headcase at times. The reason his numbers are down right now is because he is pressing badly for that new contract and the way the Brewers season has gone he is also probably pressing trying to get wins, if you have watched him you will realize loosing kills his soul. I think you will still see him hit .290 with around 40+ homers at least that is why he is staying on my fantasy team. He isn't the answer though and my problem with this team is that it isn't like they can just pick up one more bat and be good they need multiple bats to generate more runs (26th in RBI's) which means either multiple trade rumors need to come true or most likely not much is going to happen until the off-season.