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Winning Impressive...On the Road Unbelievable

Sorry to have left you all hanging during this incredible run we are on. I had to go back home to Venezuela to attend to personal matters...bad joke? Seriously though I made a quick bounce to Vegas to see the main event for a couple days...or a week. I ended up staying longer than originally planned, but that's Las Vegas baby. Besides, it is inevitable that I will someday live there, so I might as well get used to that heat.

Enough about me, though, as I hate NOTHING more than blogs that babble about themselves. I have one friend who can't make a freakin' move without telling everyone about it on Facebook. "Went to Buckhorn's...my Little Buck was perfect! Man they make a mean sandwich!" or "Went to Fitzy's...needed a Jack and Coke!" I hope he doesn't read this, because those bad boys are actual quotes.

I told you this was a team that when firing on all cylinders could easily rattle off 10 in a row. Well how about 9 out of 11? It, of course, should be 10 of 11, thanks to the incredibly acrobatic play by Henry Blanco. My tongue is in my cheek, obviously. You have to feel pretty stupid as an umpire when the guy who made the "tag" says, "he was totally safe...lucky us." I can laugh at it now, but at the time I was thinking we were about to drop 2 out of 3 to the Dodgers, and I was ready to call the league. I wouldn't have, but I was ready to. Not that it would have done anything, or that I could have actually gotten the number, but I digress.

So where is lights out Timmy? I now actually rate him as the guy that I currently have the 2nd least amount of faith in. I expect Sanchez to blow up, so I guess that makes him less stressful to me. I used to think I knew exactly what we were gonna get out of Timmy, but lately I have entered his games clueless. Still, I must say, how good is this guy where I am stressed out one day after he pitches 8 innings and gives up just 2, but we can see the difference. In the past 2 years those numbers may have been the same, but without the 9 hits, and more than 5 strikeouts. I think the initial polish has worn off of him, and now he's gonna have to figure out how to put on a new coat of wax. Greg Maddux had a similar tough time early in his career with the Cubs, and we all know he righted the ship. There's more to Timmy than velocity, so I am rather sure next year he will be lights out again, but in a whole new way.

How good would our record be if we had jettisoned Bengie Molina over the winter like originally planned and started Posey from day one? My favorite player in the Major Leagues (Molina...that's called sarcasm, children) recently hit for the cycle. All that accomplished was making Kelly Johnson's cycle less impressive to me. "Big damn deal," I thought, "even Bengie Molina can hit for the cycle." I'm pretty sure Fred Lewis did it, too. He had a big game on Mother's Day a couple years ago, and I think he hit for the cycle. I could look it up, but I don't care enough.

Those who follow this blog know that I am not surprised by the Giants winning in clumps. I am however very surprised and elated that most of it came on the road. I actually was rooting again for head above water after the break, then starting a tear tonight. Now instead we can keep one going. Before you explain to me how unimpressed you are about us beating the DiamondBacks, let me remind you of something I've said here a billion times. IT IS TOUGH TO SWEEP ANYONE. That's even in a 3 game series, let alone a 4 game one. Also, yes the D-Backs stink, but not so much at home, and they were well on their way to stinking when they took 2 from us at Chase Field earlier this year.

Pablo's a bust. I know that is sooo harsh, and way more definitive than I usually get. I'm the one who tells you to chill out, things will get better, to give people more time. That is sadly not the case here. Pablo had one good year in the sun hitting pitches from his calves to his toes. He will never be pitched there again, and he will never catch up to, nor lay off, the steady diet of high fastballs he will be fed for the rest of his career...and he isn't going to get any thinner anytime soon. It is obvious to me that he couldn't give an airborne turd about conditioning. This man has Jeff Francoeur written all over him...or Wally Joyner...or Scott Phelps, or anyone else who looked for a short time like a star, then fizzled QUICK. Paul LoDuca...there's another good one. People want to blame the pressure of being "the Panda", or his personal problems. Nah, it's just that a league full of adjustments have made one that I believe there to be no counter attack to. If you can't lay off pitches you can't hit, well then you're just going up there and hacking, aren't you? Major League pitching will eat you alive. (Case in point: See Pablo Sandoval.)

Ahh...back home to the friendly confines, playing a team we should beat and having a 1.5 game lead in the wild card. Plus San Diego still hasn't taken it's spill, WHICH THEY WILL. Every team, over 162, will have a stretch of poor play and bad luck, and the later you have it the more devastating it is. Remember our worst patch last year came at the beginning of September. It was devastating to say the least, right? San Diego will fall, and what's funny is I think it will only take 3 losses in a row to get into that clubhouse's head. They are not supposed to be where they are, and they know it. Their bravado may seem real, but I'd bet it's wafer thin. They are WAITING to slide. It's on THEIR minds. When will we have our bad stretch?

Here's hopin' it come three weeks into August.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com)


  1. It's too early to give up on Panda. Too much was made of his success last year, but another Latin player had a .300+ year and followed it with a .253 average. He went on to win four batting titles and had a .317 career average. Had a similar idea of the strike zone.


  2. Roberto Clemente?