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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: Molina's Productive Days Over

These Days Molina Just Takes Space

I am in my seat and the conductor has ripped my ticket. I am fully aboard the Freddy Sanchez train. You know I could very easily go back and cite the fact that I really lobbied for the Giants to bring him here, and I was completely cool with giving up Madison Bumgarner, so Alderson seemed like a bargain. However, if I was to claim such credit, it would be denying the fact that I then cursed the move, and the Giants medical staff in particular, from September through April. I remember the guy we have playing 2nd now. He always hit to contact, played the game according to the situation, and could rock you for a double, or even a homerun, if you made a mistake. He was a pesky thorn in the side, kinda like David Eckstein, except with talents and skills, not just determination. We didn't get to see that guy last year. In fact, what I thought we were seeing was a 10 year veteran breaking down.

That's from a guy who watches an ungodly amount of baseball, and had had many opportunities to see Freddy play. I imagine that some of you who only watch the Giants must have thought he was a complete bust. So it took some patience, but we are finally getting a look at the real Freddy Sanchez. I will never again take situational at bats lightly. It seems so easy to move a runner over, or get a man in from third with less than two outs. We have all been made aware these past few years that those at bats are not automatic. Freddy makes them look automatic, like moving a runner along, or getting a ball in the air is 2nd nature. Freddy Sanchez is a hitter born for AT&T.

Bengie Molina on the other hand has reached the end of his tether. I have made it VERY clear that I think very little of him. When you hit .285 and don't walk it means you get on base less than 30 percent of the time. Then, when he does get on base, he clogs them up. When I combined this with his little hand injury at the end of last year it allowed me to rather comfortably say adios. I was very content with his leaving. But he came back, and now we have a dead spot in our line-up. The Giants are paying him a decent amount, I realize, but to me it doesn't seem like too much to bench. Aaron Rowand makes too much to bench, for right now, although he is getting closer and closer by the week. Rowand, though, is incredibly streaky, and I think he has at least a couple more good runs left in him this year. We have a couple more years with him, so for better or worse, we have to get him going. Molina makes 7 million less, and is only signed through this year. Plus our future is on the roster and being forced to play out of position. I wouldn't just bench Molina, I'd release him. See ya later, enjoy our money, and sincerely thank you for the previous 3 years. You had some clutch hits and helped this staff along, but seriously, welcome worn out. You guys think that Whiteside and Posey couldn't handle things? Hey and if we ever get into a real pinch, don't forget that the Panda can catch too. I'm gonna begin the campaign today. The realease Bengie campaign. Ahh, I'm dreaming, I know.

Hey to those of you that called KNBR this weekend and started suggesting trade packages involving Rowand and Molina...YOU'RE IDIOTS. Remember when dreaming up a trade that they must work for both sides, and if you dump off a problem you usually get one back. The rest of the leagues owners and GMs, contrary to popular belief, are not gullible cave dwellers. They've seen our games and know who is struggling, there is no duping someone into giving us something for nothing. The only way you could trade them is to basically give them away. You know, get nothing back, and pay their salary. Who wants to do that? Thus the solution is to try to get out of Rowand what we can because we are going to pay him, no avoiding it. Take the same scenario and remove any upside and you have Molina.

Here's the lineup I'd like to see just once. Just one time to try it out, no permamnent solution, just try it on and see how it fits:

1) Torres CF

2) F. Sanchez 2B

3) Sandoval 3B

4) Huff 1B

5) Uribe SS

6) Posey C

7) Burrell LF

8) Schierholtz RF

If its a lefty invert Panda and Uribe.

Cincinatti should prove to be a challenge. They are playing well, especially at home, and Dusty always enjoys sticking it to us, so expect some competitive games. Did I mention we should release Molina?

(Feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com )

1 comment:

  1. I agree it is time to cut bait, if the Brewers can give up on Suppon and all they owe him we can lose Molina.