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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: Houston, Here We Come, Right Back Where We Started From

Making Accurate Prediction doesn't take Brainiac

It was nice to get out of Toronto with at least one win. If we get 2 out of 3 from the Astros this can still be a decent roadtrip. The Orioles were able to finagle one win from the Pads, so we only lost one game in the standings. I told you the Red Sox would take care of the Dodgers. Now did I see a sweep coming? No, not really. It doesn't really bode well for us, as we get them after this series with the Astros. Really people I'm telling you, be happy with a win in the series with the Sox. Don't be surprised by them crushing us in at least 2 of the games. You've been warned.

Someone asked me, "well, don't we need to beat the Red Sox. I mean we might face them in the World Series." Well, I told her, if we face the Red Sox in the World Series we're screwed. The same goes for the Yankees. Now someone more like the Rays, or the Twins would be a good match-up for us. See, baseball is all about match-ups. It's why Philly doesn't give us much of a problem, and they don't have many problems with the Padres, but the Padres have our number. I realize mathematically this doesn't add up, but it's just how it works. People have said to me a billion times over the years "such and such beat so and so, and so and so beat what's their name, so such and such oughta kill what's their name." Yup, easily explainable. Makes total sense. The only logical deduction. Yet, wrong. Teams like the Twins go after 1st pitch fastballs, then proceed to patience from there. The Yankees pitchers are first ball fastball pitchers, they try to get ahead 0-1. That type of hitting plays right into our hands. The Red Sox and Yankees on the other hand seem to take the first pitch automatically, and they have almost to a man an incredible understanding of not just the strike zone, but how the strike zone is being called that night. That is not a good matchup for us. In this way you see Twins beat Yankees, we beat Twins, we lose to Yankees.

Of course things change all the time, as the games do actually need to be played. However, with a little study you can sense patterns and be surprised less often. If you go back through these articles, it's written and recorded so no need to make this up, my predictions so far this year have been pretty accurate. Why? Because I'm some sort of baseball genius? Hardly, I just have paid so much attention over the years that its almost sunk in like osmosis. I have kept my eyes open, and watch every game possible. One of the worst things you can do, especially if you're truly trying to analyze things, is only watch your team play. Watching other teams play gives you perspective. Oh my goodness, you mean other teams go through stretches where they can't hit? You mean their closer just lost a 3 run save oppurtunity? You will also be shown 1st hand the match-up theory at work. I do have the package, and that does make it easier for me, but between Fox, TBS, ESPN, and the MLB Network there are plenty of opportunities.

I haven't been right about everything this year though, so it's not a science. I predicted a big year out of Nate Schierholtz. Can you blame me? Doesn't Nate seem like a world of potential? Flat level swing, from the left side. Patient at the plate, speed,and a good defender. Played well for the US Olympic team, coming off 2 straight solid winter league offseasons. What happens? Johnny Bowker too. He is now back in Triple-A, and guess what? KILLIN' 'EM! Where does it lose itself in the translation? It goes to show you, one level up, but a world of difference. There's the old stand-by that the breaking balls are better, which is still very true. If a guy down there had as wicked of a breaking ball as they have up here, he would be up here, or he gets you out in the minors on his way to the big leagues, and because of this at-bats vs. really wicked stuff are fewer and far between. It isn't just that, however, it's also the speed of the game. You think there's anything that Buster Posey can't hit? Of course not, and don't you worry his little scuffle will end. Right now the speed of the game is getting him. He has been hitting the ball hard, but up here amazing plays are made to look routine. He will have to re-adjust to where the defense is set up. In the minors all you have to do is put a good swing on it, and the hole will appear. Here you need to put on a good swing and make sure you place it, as Wee Willie Keeler said so eloquently almost 130 years ago, where they ain't.

Posey is good. He'll figure things out, and I'd imagine it to be soon. He will put at least one into those Crawford Boxes at Minute Maid Park. Burrell as well. Poor Houston, we handed them 3 straight losses to start the year and it hasn't gotten any better for them since. I'm usually not much for sympathizing with opponents, but they are gonna have to blow that team up and get ready to lose. I feel bad for Houston fans because they show up, and they really love their team. They are very harsh towards them on the Astro message boards, but they fill the seats. If you support the team then bitch away. Obviously I'd like the Giants to sweep them for the 3rd straight time, but if anyone can understand the Astros fans' plight it's us. Sort of how as a Warrior fan I understand the Pirates fans' situation. (At least I got some playoff action a few years ago, man Pirate fans...)

I was recently talking to another fan outside AT&T and he told me he listens to the radio more than watches the games because he feels like he gets a better feeling for what's going on. He says the game is easier to understand and follow. This reminds me of people who won't shut up about books, and how basically unless you use books to become learned you are not a true intellectual. This is more of our cultures worship for old things, and why we have problems moving forward. The people that are the most assumed to be smart, are usually the most stuck in the past. The radio was awesome when it came out, but now we have moved on. The TV, and HDTV in particular, are far and away the best way to watch and follow a game. If you need the constant talking and descriptions to follow the games, I'm afraid my friend you are not truly all that interested. I have a feeling, though, that this guy was just saying this to look cool, or somehow superior. The same as when people start telling me what a reader they are, how many books they read, and how they just love books. The actual love of books is not a bad thing, the need to tell everyone you read a bunch is.

I consider myself a smart guy, and no I've never read Moby Dick, Huckleberry Finn, Wuthering Heights, the Fountainhead, or anything else on the 101 classics list. I also consider myself a real fan but would much rather watch it on tv or at the yard than to listen to it on the radio. The radio is a last resort. If you have the option to flip it on, would you really choose the radio? I have a feeling this guy would pick the TV, he just thought he was supposed to say that. I apologize to you, sir, whose name I have forgotten, since I gave you this web address to check my article out. If this is the 1st one he reads, it shall also be the last one I would guess. Without getting into religion or politics, this worship of antiquated and archaic ideas are ruining our society.

Wow, we covered a lot in this one.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com)


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