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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: Bring up Bum, Long Relief needed.

Bumgarner Time

Ok. So I was never really excited about Todd Wellemeyer being our 5th starter, but that is not how you want it to go down. He was pitching the best on the road that we had seen so far this year, and he had a pass list over 30. It truly was sad to see. It seems almost mean to say, but I wanted him to pitch his way out of the rotation. I hate seeing anyone in a Giants uniform get hurt.

It does, no doubt, open some very important doors. Now what do we do? Where do we go from here? Well you start by limiting Molina's playing time. Whoever the new pitcher we bring up is he will be familiar with Posey behind the plate, being that he spent the 1st 2 months of the season in Fresno. Thus whoever that pitcher is should be matched up with Buster catching. I think Buster should continue to catch Zito as well. Those two starts behind the plate will give us a chance to run Schierholtz out in right, especially at home, with Huff at 1st, Burrell in left and Torres in Center. Whiteside would continue to catch Sanchez, with that being Burrell's day off. That way Rowand would also be reduced to 4 games a week. Rowand, Ibelieve, is no longer an everyday player. He grinds too much, and a couple days off per week will do him wonders. Bochy has proven to think along my lines, so maybe we shall see a similar strategy actually taken. We can hope.

As far as who to bring up, well I believe that to be quite obvious. Madison Bumgarner needs to be given the start. It was his job to lose coming into the spring, and now I believe he has done enough to take it. I realize that at this moment Joe Martinez has better stats, but come on, what would be more electric than Bumgarner throwing to Posey? I also don't really give a flying hoot about Madison's blow up in a game a few days ago. Furthermore I have a feeling the Giants don't care either. That airhead Ann Killion said yesterday on Chronicle Live that she thinks the Giants will "punish Bumgarner for his outburst...[and] feel he doesn't deserve a promotion." BULL-LONEY! This is nothing new from the highly annoying Killion, who wants to dumb sports down to politics and emotions. She once denounced Bochy for taking out Lincecum because he had "no sense of drama." Gimme a break will ya? We're trying to win games here, not a flippin' Tony.

That being said, I think Joe Martinez should be brought up as well, with Denny Bautista being sent down. That is not to say Bautista has pitched particularly bad. In fact, last outing excepted, he's actually been pretty good. He just happens to be the odd man out. I think the pressure of knowing he had to go a couple of innings got to him. That's why he took so long to warm up, because the task was freaking him out. It had never really hit me before Wellemeyer pulled up lame, but as soon as he did I thought to myself, "hey, who the hell is our long reliever...we don't really have one do we?" Hence my vote for Joe Martinez. I had expected Martinez to break camp north, honestly, but he stayed behind. Now we need him to return to the big club and fill the role he did a nice job in last year, the long reliever. A guy who can give you a full time through the lineup, maybe more.

So here come the A's again. This time at our place, though, and we aren't entering the series reeling like we were last time. It should be a good series. We need to sweep, though, or both A's fans will give us a hard time for losing the season series. That brings an interesting question to mind. Does anyone else think interleague play's novelty has run out? I liked it at first, but now it is kinda ruining the All-Star Game and World Series for me. Big deal, In the All-Star Game these guys have seen each other before, and in some cases just a few weeks before as that is when the last round of interleague takes place. I also have realized as I've gotten older that pre-interleague baseball was one of the many things that made this sport different from the others. It used to have the most important regular season (it still does,but 4 playoff spots were added.) We used to have less divisions, now there are the standard 6. Although both basketball and football have gone to 8, I sure hope we aren't to follow that. And, most importantly, our two leagues were separate. In retrospect I preferred that. If interleague is to continue one rule needs to be uniform, no matter what way they decide...the DH rule. I would personally root for its abolishment, being a National League guy my whole life, but adding it to the NL would be preferrable to how it is now. It may seem like a small thing, but over the years, adding one additional hitter at a time and turning the line up over more often has slowly led to the AL being a superior league. It's not fair. So, stop interleague, or unify the DH rule. Very simple stuff...just an opinion.

Last thing. Are you a Giants history buff? Well I'm gonna receommend a couple things. Nick Peters wrote a definitive Encyclopedia on the Giants, and while it is definitive, it is quite bulky. I've read it cover to cover multiple times, but as we've discussed I'm a very sick individual who eats, sleeps, breathes, and drools baseball. A much easier read, which covers almost as much is Dan Fost's new book Giants: Past and Present. It's a good read, and is very up to date. It is also the perfect size for your coffee table, so guests can pick it up and thumb through some pretty cool Giants pictures. It's available from MVP Books, and I'm pretty sure you can grab it on Amazon.com.

The second item is one for EVERY Giants fan. If you go to MLB.com and go to their classic games archive, one of the games they offer is the Liberty Network (a precursor to Armed Forces Radio) broadcast of the 1951 NL Playoff, game 3, in it's entirety. Great, but you have to pay money. If you look in a little box on the right side of the screen you get when you click on the game you will see a link to Russ Hodges call of the 9th inning for free. Click and listen, and grab some headphones because the quality is not the greatest. This is your Mecca Giants fans, it feels like a pilgrimage to listen to it. You've heard the main call a billion times I know, but to hear it in context is absolutely SPINE TINGLING. If you haven't listened to the 9th before you owe yourself the privledge. It may have been the New York Giants, but it won't matter, I guarantee you'll feel the same pride I do. And come on, it was against the Dodgers!

"Branca throws...there's a long drive, it's gonna be I believe...The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the Pennant! The Giants win the pennant! Bobby Thomson has just hit a homerun into the left field stands, The Giants win the Pennant! And they're going crazy, they're going crazy...Hey Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Bone chilling stuff.

(Feel free to post a comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com)

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  1. Thank you for the tip on the call, the others I shared it with thank you as well.