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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: A's Swept, Don't Take O's Lightly

Giants Give A's a Refund

Pretty satisfying stuff over the weekend. A sweep of the A's is always nice. I already encountered an Oakland fan and he reminded me that we only scored one run in the previous series across the bay. Should you encounter such a nuissance handle it the same way I did. Point out that we have won 10 of the last 13. That should keep them quiet. Bengie got a couple of hits, including a homer, but that won't keep me quiet. If anything I find it quite discouraging, as he has probably bought himself one more prolonged slump. I think it's funny that they are benching Rowand more often than Molina, as Rowand, while stinking it up plenty, has been more productive in less games. I mean, I get it. Burrell, Huff, Posey and Torres all have to play. However, a lineup sanz Molina excites me just a tad more than one minus Rowand. I'm surprised that normal financial consideration hasn't gone into this. Baseball economics simply point towards Rowand, a man being paid 12 million, and still having another 2 years left on his contract, to be stuck out there for better or worse. Molina on the other hand will not be back after this year, and he makes 7 million less. Molina should not only be benchable, he should be releasable. Apparently there's more going on here than I know about. My guess is that Bochy, an ex-catcher, fights hard for Molina. With Sabean I can't imagine his tether being very long, seeing as he told us the Molina ship had sailed, and begrudgingly re-signed him.

Enough about Molina, he makes me sick to talk about. 35-27 looks pretty good, and I think we are just hitting our stride. It was subtle, but slowly this lineup has become something to be reckoned with. Now, we are no offensive juggernaut like say the Reds or Phillies, or even the D-Backs. That being said, not one of those teams has pitching like ours, so I expect us to start reeling off some wins here. Eventually, I promise, the Padres are going to fall off, I don't care how many national analysts have jumped on the bandwagon. That leaves the one team I thought we were gonna have to battle all year long, the Dodgers. In previous articles, including pre-season, I have never once brought up the divorce. You know why? Because I knew it didn't matter. Joe Torre and their lineup were both coming back and that was all I needed to know. What was the other thing that was supposed to get them? They lost Randy Wolf, then Derek Lowe? Big deal. They still have a good bullpen, Kershaw, and Ely came outta nowhere. The Dodgers are the end all and be all of everything we need to fear in the regular season. They alone shall be our obstacle to the postseason.

So bring on the Orioles, huh? You know, teams like the Baltimore Orioles put the fear of god in me. The Giants have a knack for losing the "easy" ones. I don't perceive the Oriole batters as being able to figure Sanchez out, but he is more than capable of beating himself. Our hitters also have the ability to make unheard of pitchers look like Cy (Place Surname Here). I can see this getting frustrating, Sanchez basically creating a couple of free rallies for the O's, they score two runs, and we score one (or none) in between striking out 14 times. It could happen, and that's why I'm writing it here, to put the hex on that outcome. We better win 2 out of 3, and since we are at home we really should sweep. Sweeping anybody, though, is hard.

It looks like Martinez will get the start tomorrow. There is still a ray of Bumgarner light, as Martinez will be available from the bullpen. We should hope that doesn't happen, though, as that would take either an early shelling or an injury to Sanchez. I spoke without checking on Monday - always a bad decision - and it turns out Martinez didn't do so hot a job out of the bullpen last year, nor as a starter. I must have just had some sentimental feelings for him since he got hit in the head, which is still the scariest thing I have ever seen happen live. He'll be ok tomorrow I'd bet. This is the exact type of team you wanna re-introduce someone to the big leagues with. In other pitching news it looks like Guillermo Mota has pitched Sergio Romo back into a late inning role. Mota did better when he wasn't the late guy anyway. Romo in his last few outings has done well, and just had a case of the homerun bug earlier this season. I like Mota, but the 7th should belong to Romo. Also, Casilla has been a revelation huh? I saw him pitch a few times with the A's and I don't think I ever saw him throw a strike. Looks like we picked him up at the right time.

Well, 'til Friday friends. Here's hoping the next time I greet you the boys will have won 6 in a row.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com)


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