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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: It's a Challenge to Outcheer Red Sox Nation


Boy do we have a lot to cover. I barely know where to begin.

Red Sox nation are coming. Are you going? I am, and if you are too we need to make a lot of noise. The last time they came here they took over the Coliseum, and it was embarrassing. I realize that we bring more people in than the A's do, but it's while we are napping that things can get past us. At my last check (which was Wednesday night) there were still tickets available. What's up with that people? I know Sox fans have already bought their tickets, and they are ready to be loud. I dislike the east coast, and my hatred is well documented. Even so one thing remains true, those fans know how to cheer, and how to make some noise. I know this is asking a lot of our passive behinds, but help me make some noise. I know my boys (and gals) in the bleachers will be into it, but I'm talking about the people sitting around me in the lower level, from foul line to foul line, not to mention the "jewelry rattlers" (credit: John Lennon) sitting in the club level. In fact let's not mention the club level at all. If they cheer too much they may spill their imported beers or fine wines. Oh clubbies, I kid!

Seriously, though. Let's outcheer the Nation.

Molina got ran out for the third day in a row, including a day game after a night game. What the hell is up with that? Molina has become the most automatic out in our line-up. So he gets rewarded? I'm starting to get sick of his face. Here's something I haven't even touched. His defense is becoming a liability, too. Two nights ago Chris Johnson struck out on a blockable ball, then was aided by Molina's inability to do anything past a walk with arms pumping. Johnson reached 1st, and eventually scored. He has dropped a lot of balls that should be caught. He's dropped more balls coming out of the crouch for the throw to 2nd than I can remember. His hand is bothering him again, I'd bet. He had to leave mid-game last year with bent fingers. Those are the types of injuries that call for retirement, as it will never heal as long as you catch with it. Every other team was smart enough to not touch him, so we signed him. For what, pity? Have you read his blog? It is an exercise in how to feel bad for yourself, not a good attitude when you're not producing. You start blaming luck, and expect your track record to speak for you. Well, buddy, it may be cruel, but this is a what have you done for me lately league. And lately you ain't done (poop).

I am saddened I have to address this again, but I keep hearing the "let's trade Bengie" mantra. Ok, last time I called them idiots this time I'm going with INSANE. I have even been let in on the thought process. One girl I was talking to said we needed to trade him. I snorted and said we needed to release him, and her answer was, well we gotta get something for him. No we don't, and furthermore we couldn't. If you were Sabes and you called another team proposing a trade involving Molina, you had better include someone of stature...like Cain, Lincecum, Sanchez, Bumgarner or Posey...or you would get laughed off the phone. On his own merits Molina couldn't be traded for a grilled cheese -on Wonder, with Kraft singles.

Slight encouragement is coming, as Bochy said Posey will now get a start a week, and that takes care now of 2 times a week, sometimes 3 if a week sees Sanchez throw twice. This might be where it starts to change. I pray that management realizes that Bengie is a big sensitive baby, and because of that they are giving him every oppurtunity to hang himself, so when he is benched most of the 2nd half they can tell him he has no right to complain. It brings me back to when I've been management myself, as baseball is, at it's core level, a job. You can't just, on a whim, fire someone. You have to have a case against them, a file. I hope his continued play is just that. Management building its case. A case for benching...or release? Maybe? As long as he's on the bench I feel like Boch, the old catcher, will find him playing time. How do they find it so easy to bench Rowand, but yet Bengie plays? I'm not advocating Rowand playing, I'm just wondering. Let's hope they're just building a case...

Hey, yesterday stunk, but those are gonna happen. Whenever a guy comes in 3-10 and has been hit around in his past few starts, and you send a guy out who has been lights out in his past few, you will lose. That's how baseball works. No game is at the mercy of the law of averages as is baseball. That's what happens when you play 162. That being said, it's timing could not have been worse, as we are about to hit a tough 17 game stretch. This will be a character building stretch, and if we get obliterated in this stretch, well our chances for the playoffs aren't gone, but they'll be in the car with their bags in the trunk. 9-8 on this stretch would be good, 8-9 would be respectable, any move in either direction will increase, obviously, the greatness or poorness of this stretch. Remember 9-8 is the aim.

Well that's so much that I've probably virtually guaranteed that none of you will have read this far. So oogie oogie boogie.

(feel free to comment, or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com)

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you, you don't always have to get something in return just let Molina go. I am not sure that a new collection of wiffle balls is really that important to get in return for him. Don't people think that the front office's time could be better spent thinking of moves that could actually help the club. They could work out the most one sided trade they could and it still probably wouldn't do them much good (I think this is called opportunity costs).