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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: Surprising Pads Causing Frustration

Bud Black's Boys For Real?

Can that possibly count as Zito's blow-up start? I hope so, then we can claim that its out of the way for another 6 starts. Whatever the case he is pitching out of his mind this season, and I hope he keeps it up. Never a guarantee available in baseball, though, and of course, that's why we watch. Despite last night's loss we are coming off a pretty good road trip, and this season is shaping up to be one to remember, if we can seriously figure out how to beat the Padres. Even if the Padres fall out of contention, as many are waiting for them to do - you know like they did to us all last year - they can still ruin our year. Remeber it was an 0-6 run, and a 2-7 first half against the lowly Padres that cost us the postseason last year. They somewhere along the line became our achillies heel. Perhaps it's the fact that every one of their pitchers throws funky. Its becoming more apparent to me that this Giants team rakes power pitchers and studs, and gets baffled by off-speed junk artists, and anyone with late movement.

Still, I have a hard time believing we aren't about to take these next two games from the Padres on our way to never relinquishing the NL West lead again. It seems obvious to me that this season is on a crash course with the Phillies, and we will be charged with the duty of keeping them from getting to the World Series for a third straight year. Your guess is as good as mine on what will happen in that showdown. Still, not everything is all peachy keen in Giant land.

Pablo frustrated is not a fun sight. I enjoy the jolly big man with his huge smile, and his personal rituals with each individual on the team and staff. In case you haven't noticed he's been absent the past week or so. In his place is Pablo "The Grinder" Sandoval. The Panda has been grimacing after pitches fouled away (not in pain, but still in agony) and taking those deep breaths that only the truly perturbed take. Worse yet, it seems to be leaking onto the field. Not that you read this, but relax man! The loose kung-fu ways were what produced results, don't pressure yourself so much...heh, kids.

We have also been informed that Mark DeRosa's off-season surgery was a complete failure. Before you guys tear Sabes a new one, remember that most of us were begging to sign him this past winter. Me included. So, even if you disagreed with the signing, you must admit that Sabean was not alone in his opinion. What's going on with the medical staff, is my question. That's three physicals in two years (DeRosa, Edgar Renteria, Freddy Sanchez) that failed to show major injuries. As Goldmember would say, "Ishn't dat Veered?"

The Giants overall are fine. I wanna spend a few seconds on something else. Do you think A-Rod is aware of Dallas Braden's ownership of his mound now? As Marty Lurie said best, "A-Rod is a jerk." He really is. He tries so hard to control his image and say the right things, needing to be liked, very much like Tiger Woods (who I've despised ever since he uttered the super scripted "hello world" at his very first of many b.s. press conferences. I don't really care what you do with the waffle-house waitress, hell I'd probably do it myself). The only time when you see true emotion out of Rodriguez he seems to be surly and sarcastic. He tried to rattle Braden, but instead it was obvious with how A-rod let his nice-guy facade down, that the one rattled was him. It was easy to see how uncomfortable it was making him to even have to talk about it. So to you who defended him, he was barely able to defend himself. Think of his reaction, and then think of the reaction of someone who truly didn't know, and made a mistake. I apologize, I didn't know that was an unwritten rule. An innocent man wouldn't feel the need to tell you that he thought the incident was funny, and that he is too busy being great to have noticed that a fellow player existed.

Well A-Rod, your map just added Dallas, Braden. Area Code 209.

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