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Anger is Reality's Natural Foil

Okay, I'll admit they finally made me break down this road trip. You should have been there, I'm sure I looked like an idiot. I was so mad on Friday that I nixed the blog I started because it was so vicious - and ridiculous - that I knew I would regret it the moment it was published. You can't take this stuff back, you know. That was going IN to the Oakland series. By yesterday afternoon I had grown stale to it. I was trying to predict how they were gonna get out, pissing myself off more and more with each correct guess. I was seriously contemplating afterwards, combined with the Sharks finishing their meltdown, why do I even watch sports? They just kill me. Of course, by this morning I'm past it. I'm ready for more torturous entertainment.

Some basic truths about this team are just common sense. If we don't pitch we won't win. This team will not be able to overcome the mistakes of the pitching staff. If we give up six or more runs we just will not win...period. That being said, we also have never in our history won a game 0-0. So no matter how awesome our pitching performs, if you don't score you won't win the game. I realize I have said nothing revealing here, it's kinda like Jerry Reynolds level analysis, but you get my point. The fact remains that every team will go through stretches like this when there strength and weakness will run on opposite planes, the danger is when you can't pull yourself out of it. Losing can spin out of control. In no time you can find yourself 10 games below .500 wondering what went wrong. Is it time to panic? Nah...but it could get here in a hurry. Let's see where we're at after the Nationals come to AT&T. If we get swept in this series, then yes, time to head to your underground bomb shelter.

I don't really know what else to say without just rambling and saying non-sensical angry things. So instead I'll leave you with our records through the first 43 games of various seasons of interest. I don't know what you'll take from it, but here it is anyway. Use it for perspective maybe?

2009 - 20(W) - 23(L)

2002 - 27 - 16

2000 - 20 - 23

1997 - 25 - 18

1993 - 29 - 14

1989 - 24 - 19

1987 - 26 - 17

P.S. Read my older blogs if you care...which I realize you don't...there, plain as day, you will see me rueing the thought of bringing Bengie back. Anyone disagree now?

(Feel free to post a comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com)

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