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Time to get Down to Business

At what point did travelling to San Diego become such a dreaded experience?
Great beaches, touristy shopping, the gaslight district...Petco Park. It is of course the last destination that causes us so much ire. It is odd as this seems to me to be the one road park that should feel the most like home. It is ridiculously hard to hit a homerun there, just like at AT&T. In Fact, statistics show it to be even harder than at home. The other parks, say like Houston, should provide us with more difficulies since we are so pitching oriented, right? Well that's where your thought process would lead, but the Giants recent road trips prove otherwise. Besides the aformentioned debacle in our last visit to Petco, we also dropped 2 out of 3 to the Mets in another cavernous pitcher dominated park. That followed a sweep of the Marlins in a park more known as a good place to hit.

Obviously the company line is towed and no current hitter on the Giants is going to tell you that he hates hitting at AT&T. That being said, I guarantee almost to a man they do. Many things factor into why a team plays well at home. You have the fans cheering you on, you know the groundrules and obstacle locations better, and, I think most importantly, you have the last at-bat. When these hitters leave the last thing they wanna do is see another park like the one at home. The Padres on the other hand realized they could take advantage of a similar environment and swept us at home as well. So far into this still young season the Padres have done nothing short of EMBARASS us. It can be flatly stated that their occupation of first place, and are thus non-occupation, are predicated simply on the similar outcome of all six games. The removal of one contest from the loss column over to the win column would lead to the switching of places. In short, The Padres are not for real, but they can be a real pain in the Giants behind.

I often wonder just how long ball players and managers carry things. Bud Black got embarassed last year by Johnathon Sanchez on the field, and then was asked some of the most inane questions by members of our areas media afterwards. Seriously, I can't remember the questions but they were less than tactful, and I'm sure that can leave a bad taste in your mouth for a while. As if all this was not bad enough he then had to endure people saying "impressive no-hitter, although I mean, it was the Padres." Someone on the Padres picked up the slightest of signals that our pitchers are going home, and it has been exploited to the hilt. My guess is it was the embittered ex-pitcher himself, convinced of his own team's ineptitude, studying and studying all of our staff's moves with one intention, "I don't care if we don't beat anyone this year, as long as we beat the Giants." It sounds far fetched, but if you have the chance, or the MLB Package, checkout Padres V. Other teams. It isn't as crisp, and they don't run as much. Remember, a lot of this team is a carry-over. Many of them were embarassed too. In fact they were the hitters and the butt of the joke.

The Giants need to take this as a challenge, if you wanna be taken as a serious contender teams like the Padres MUST BE BEATEN, and there is no alternative. The Padres may fade from contention, but it doesn't mean they can't sink our ship as well on their way down. I guess it leaves me only to plead. Win both of these games in San Diego, like your season depended on it, because when it is all said and done, it just might.

(feel free to comment or email me directly at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com)


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