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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: A-Rod Apparently Likes to Run Uphill

Living in an East Coast Bias

It's hard sometimes not to think that this team wins in spite of itself. Is pitching really that powerful a commodity? Apparently so, as we somehow handed the Cardinals their first series loss of the season. Maybe the new ads are right, and it truly is magic inside. This is how the year may trickle out, just like last year where on the road we lose the tight ones, and at home we win them. I sure hope not, as the biggest key I see to this year's success is playing .500 ball on the road. Now the mighty Phillies are coming to town, an even tougher task than the Cardinals if you ask me. (Actually, if you pretty much ask anyone.) Philadelphia is the class of the National League. We did play them very competitively last year, but that's the past. It's a whole new year.

It's kinda weird, but I almost expect them to light up Roy Halladay tonight. What? you say, this dismal offense is gonna get to Halladay, whom the East Coast is dying to give Timmy's Cy Young award to? Yeah, I said it, because it seems that we take on good pitchers with more of a plan than we do bad ones. No team seems to have the ability to make a 5th starter look like an ace more than we do. The Giants are due to break out soon, though, whether it be tonight or not. Every team eventually turns their offense back on, even sorry ones like ours. The old saying goes that hitting (or line drives) are contagious. Well, so is slumping. The hitters all went cold together, now I see them heating up together. We may not win tonight, as Halladay is a very formidable opponent, but over the series look for our bats to start smokin', just in time to serve it to the Rockies.

Speaking of the Rockies, will someone tell the analysts at the MLB Network to stop saying after the Rockies win every other day that now they are really looking for the Rockies to turn it on? It's simply for a fact that almost to a man they picked the Rockies to win the West. I can almost guarantee that won't happen. I would actually be less surprised to see the Padres hold on. The Rockies are cocky, and it takes everyone doubting them for them to go on a run. 2008 was a terrible year for them, one year removed from an NL crown. Why? Too arrogant the next year as everyone picked them to take the West in '08. Its not a new story. It goes all the way back to the '96 season when the Blake Street Bombers disappeared. I also anticipate the Players tiring of Jim Tracy's act. He sits in the dugout with this angry look on his face like he's some sort of Dick Williams type disciplinarian, and, according to Brad Penny, he has the personality of a cardboard box. The second they go on a prolonged losing streak look for the team to turn on Tracy, as their unified country boy arrogance disallows them to listen to him yelling at them.

Same team, different subject. Who gives a crap about a no hitter that involves six walks? I know I sure don't and I SWEAR if Sanchez had walked six in his no-no it would have seriously tainted it for me. Sanchez last year throws a perfect game, sans Juan Uribe, and barely a word is said about it other than on the day of, and then Mark Buerhle threw his actual perfect game. That was it, gone. To the national media it became as if Johnathon Sanchez didn't exist. It even had an awesome story built in, what with his father there to see him pitch the very first time in person. But, they didn't care. Now watch the MLB Network today and I bet a billion dollars they bring up Ubaldo Jiminez's no hitter. Go ahead, watch. Why does the national media hate us? Do they have their heads so far up their collective east coast lovin' bum bums that they still think Bonds is on the team? The East Coast bias is RIDICULOUS, and getting pretty close, I think, to being subconcious. MOST ANALYSTS ON BASEBALL TONIGHT AND THE MLB NETWORK CHOSE THE ROCKIES -THE TEAM FURTHEST EAST- TO WIN THE DIVISION. I don't necessarily fully get my own point, but I'm just sayin'. Maybe they hate California? Well that's just fine, as most of us could care less for those on the "boring" coast. However Journalism, on a national stage, is supposed to be without favortism. It's getting further away from that every day.

"Today the Royals traded blah blah blah for so and so from the Indians, tell us Tim Kurkjian, how does this affect the Yankees and Red Sox?"

"Well Karl, both the Yankees and the Red Sox will play BOTH the Royals, AND the Indians, within the next two months, and they will have to adjust to these changes in the roster. It will be interesting to see if these two wonderful, glorious, and almost god like teams can do it. We can only hope and pray." (Switch to interview of Derek Jeter, closely followed by David Ortiz, giving their opinions on today's trade.)

Ok maybe that's a tad overboard, but it's closer than it should be, and what it leads to is disgusting. The attitude it has created in A-Rod's is getting to be unbearable. I believe it is classless to basically GO OUT OF YOUR WAY to step on the mound. He knew that was wrong when he was doing it. Then he continued to show no class in his post game interviews pointing out that Dallas Braden is a youngster, and apparently being offended is only the right of those with a certain bottom line of statistical merit. Screw you A-ROID! (As one of the rare Giants fans who disliked Bonds with a passion, and truly wish we would stop inviting him to things and distance ourselves from the "Home Run King" [what a joke], I feel I have the right to call Alex this name.) Your numbers are fake, so why should you be so elite? Perhaps in between the daily thank-yous you should be showering Jeter, Posada, Sabbathia, Cano, Rivera, and Texeira with for dragging your loser on the big stage behind to a championship, you should try working on that new humble attitude you promised us at your "oops, I didn't mean to trip fall and stumble on that steroid needle" crap press conference last year.

Oh man, I am really getting close to letting the Yankees pass the Dodgers on my hate meter.

(Feel free to contact me at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com)


  1. Say what you will about Bonds he did seem to have an appreciation for the unwritten rules of the game, he just didn't know steroids was one of them. I don't know what this crap is that I am hearing with the media acting like they aren't sure if walking over the mound is one of the unwritten rules of the game, it is period. I am not someone who was ever allowed to get close to pitching in a game and I know full well as a hitter that it is one of the rules of the game. Plus like you said Arod acted like a jerk in the media conference, someone in his own locker room needs to bite the bullet and take him aside and get his head on straight. Like I said Bonds seemed to appreciate the game but cheated to try and get his place in history (which was a huge deal to him because he did appreciate the game), Arod is just a cheat who likes the money.

  2. Stepping on the mound is not an unwritten rule of baseball. No one has ever heard of that before. Is it rude? Maybe. Someone who is high strung and/or angry at life might take offense to something like that. But Braden looked like a baby complaining the way he did. Did you see how he did it? He yelled at Arod while walking away from him. If you have something to say to someone, you say it and be prepared to back up those words with action. Braden whined his way back into the dugout while complaining. That's pretty lame. So, Arod stepped on the mound. Big deal. The whole incident meant nothing a day later.

    You seem unhappy that the national media focuses too much on the Yanks and Red Sox. And yet, you perpetuate the attention given to them with this story. That doesn't help your cause.

    I think it's pretty cool that you titled this piece "Living in an East Coast Bias." I really do live in the northeast, and all I care about is American League. I think it's pretty cool that the national media talks about us all the time. We have so many great teams (especially here in the AL East.) It must be difficult being a Giants fan. It's something I could never relate to.

  3. Richard: I'm guessing you never played past little league, because from high school on they let you know to NEVER let anyone invade your territory. Yeah Braden was immature, but I believe he is like 22 or something. ARod is a veteran, and should no better. This is the same guy remember who yelled to make someone drop a fly ball. Also, if all you care about is fake baseball, you know where you get to cheat and not make everyone bat, then you can leave my article alone

  4. I don't understand your comment about cheating in regard to the American League. If you are talking about HGH, then surely you must admit there is widespread use across the entire MLB, not just in one particular league. If you're talking about the DH rule... well, then yes, I'm guilty as charged. (Although, I'm not sure why you call it cheating.) I love the DH rule. And as much as it pains me to watch pitchers hit in the National League, I do like the fact that there is a difference between the AL and NL.

    About Arod... I have no problem with the way he plays. If he wants to step on the mound, I couldn't care less. If he wants to yell 'HA' while rounding third in Toronto, then so be it. It doesn't really affect me as a fan. In fact, instances like that make for something fun to watch and talk about. His talent for playing the game, both at the plate and in the field, is unparalleled. I feel lucky to be able to watch players like him each night, as well as Jeter, Cano, Pettitte and the others.

    I'm sorry you think the American League is 'fake' baseball. We don't think that over here. We think that all baseball is real baseball, and enjoy the subtle differences between the two leagues.

    On a side note: nice job yesterday against Halladay. That guy is a monster. (We used to see a lot of him in the AL East. I actually got to watch him pitch last year in NY on July 4th. The Yankees took him apart, and won by a walk-off in the 12th inning. It was awesome.)

  5. Maybe the whole mound thing is actually regional, someone should check into if there are regional unwritten rules to the game. Arod has so many things going against him when it comes to treating the game correctly this isn't even worth discussing. East Coast / West Coast how about the poor people living between us now they get no respect.

  6. I think we non Yankee fans are a little tired of ARod, so we refuse to give him the benefit of the doubt. I hate the DH, because why just replace the poor hitting pitcher? Why not bring up all the poor hitting great fielders in the minors, and expand rosters to 50. Make baseball like football with an offense and defense. Sounds dumb I know, well that's why I dislike the DH. You know the DH was promoted by Charlie Finley as a way to bring in fans to a struggling game that was being killed by football. Now it is no longer necessary.

  7. I am in the minority when it comes to the DH. Most people are against it. Since I've grown up with the DH rule, I couldn't imagine baseball without it.

    My opinion of the DH rule is this: Pitchers are very unique individuals within the game. They usually have a separate mentality than the other players. So I think we should celebrate that difference, and breed pitchers pitch only. And since that would be their sole duty in the game, conversely there should be one player who's sole duty it is to hit. I love the balance the DH rule brings. It's the perfect yin and yang of the game.

    I know most others will not agree. And I won't try to convince anyone to see it my way because I know that people happen to like their version (NL or AL) of the game. My friends and I talk about it all the time. I really do like the fact that there is a difference between the two leagues.

  8. A-roid has played basbeall long enough to know he was being an A-hole. He would do what he did all the time, if he didn't really know better. He was just throwing down the typical Stankee disrespect.

    @Richard: I feel sorry for you that you think the DH is part of baseball. If the DH was even remotely rational, batters wouldn't even have to run the bases because the American League would add the DR (designated runner) for those old hitters who not only can't play the field, but can't even run.