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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: It's a Good Start, That's All.

Here's Hoping Schierholtz Wasn't Part of Your Fantasy Draft...

Perhaps my prediction for a big year out of Nate Schierholtz was a bit hasty. Or maybe not, the season is still young. That being said, I believe the days of John Bowker looking timid against major league pitching are over. Was it not particularly sweet that he knocked 2002 World Series MVP Troy Glaus on his ass with a liner down the right field line? It's like the baseball lords made him fat and useless and transported him to first just for this reason. A little harsh, I know, but I mince no words for one of the "heroes" of Game 6. We lost the game yesterday 7-2 but for me the highlight was watching Bowker stroll to the plate in an RBI situation and getting that exciting feeling that this guy was more than capable of regularly driving in these runs, not randomly by some fluke like we have been scoring runs the past few years. We don't have a great offense, but we have an improved one.

Not that this is easy pass land all of a sudden, there are some glaring problems. For starters, the double plays are killing me. I have the Giants at no fewer than 13 hit into this year, a horrible count for after five games. Nothing kills scoring chances like a taylor made 6-4-3. We don't have to see the entire lineup 1-8 all of a sudden become 30 homer hitters, we just need to improve on the little things. I've noticed the patience has improved, now let's avoid two for one sales on outs.

Even with this problem the pitching has been so outstanding that what we have put on the board has all but once been enough. The offense really doesn't have to do much, we will be in 8 out of 10 games this year, meaning we should have a chance at winning 125 of them. Obviously we won't get all of those wins, but few teams in the league are given that large a window of opportunity simply because of poorer pitching. The least the offense can do is be effiecient. I am seeing, though, that this team is making more solid contact. It does usually take a hard hit ball to turn a double play, and perhaps they are just victims of clumped bad luck.

The bullpen has looked pretty good so far too. Not enough can be said about their performance in Saturday's 13 inning goose bump inducer. Waldis Joaquin has had two poor outings, but that is too be expected from a kid on his first opening day roster. He should be cut the appropriate amount of slack until his performance either improves or becomes undeniably bad. The rotation has looked real good, as we've all seen, and some were surprised by Boch's quick hook of Sanchez. He had Medders warming up in the 3rd! I understood the move myself, though. The Braves have an offense such as to bring things to an out of hand state quickly. Sanchez's mental make-up shares the same characteristic. I contended last year that if he had lost the no hitter in the seventh, it would have quickly been follwed by four earnies. Looks like we need to get ready for another up and down year from Sanchez.

So we're looking good out of the gate, we are. We must remember that this is just a five game sample, but it's good. Picking up a win on Timmy Win Day today like we should will go a long way. To get to October you have to win all the games you're supposed to, and a few you weren't. The Astros are not a good team, even if Berkmann had been in the lineup, they were a team we should take 2 out of 3 from. Kudos to the Giants for taking the extra step and sweeping on the road, a task that is tough for any team to do, against any opponent. After the Houston series you would figure the Giants would come home excited and mixed with the emotions of opening weekend at home would still take 2 out of 3 from a very good Braves team. With those expectations you would see the Giants as being 4-2 after today. A goal they can accomplish even with a loss. That's why a win today would be so big. It's both an extra win, and an expected win. To me, that makes it a must win. It will prove a lot. Let Zito stink it up against the Pirates on Monday.

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  1. Hopefully the offense will pick up, usually the offense is a little behind the defense so they should. Of course this means that are pitching might give up a few more runs, but things should balance out. If we don't have a severe injury to any of our pitchers I really like our chances this year, because like you said we should be in most games. If we do have an injury though I am scared of what will happen.